need some help

I know it sounds dumb, but how do I give Christian the old parts? Thank you

For the time being, you need to bring him an item called Old Parts. You can buy it at the rural town item shop for 1c each. Hope it helps!

Thank you! But another question, if I ran out of lactating supplement from Dr. Felis, where can I get one? or where can I get permanent solution for lactating?

Thank you so much

I think there are 3 ways so far:

If you want milk for quests: you can buy it at the rural town item shop.

If you want breast milk from the same proxy: you can always ask the guy at the magic shop to make a milker for you for 1000 (I think). Add milk training as the first morning task and click next day until the words “Lactation up!” appear on your journal. Then click next hour and fill 3 out of 4 daily tasks with milking stimulation and 1 rest at the end.

If you want to complete Felis’ quest: there’s no way that I know of. You should restart it with another proxy.

Those are the wrong type of old parts. Those are from my mod. the old parts you need will be just labeled “old parts”

When you have enough of those then the proper option will appear