need someone to draw these bbws into a cartoon like picture (will give $100 also negotiable, for them done)

I suck a drawing could someone help draw these characters into these looks I’m going to make a youtube channel to show off gamplay and game development and need channel art

for this girl I want the her to have to be stuck in guitar cords while looking for a piece of cake

for this girl I want her to be looking relaxed with one hand in her hoodie pocket and the other with a piece of cake in her mouth for this girl I want her to be on a bed being fed by a man for this girl I want her to be danceing at a disco while people in the crowd are throwing food at her for this girl I want her to be talking on her phone while eating a piece of cake with the other

it would really be helpful if someone made this for me I have ocd when it comes to youtube channels having shitty channel art.

also willing to pay $30 for all of them done

Not gonna lie, $30 for 5 full body pieces, some of which have backgrounds, is exceedingly low. Hell, that’s low for even one unless it’s just a lineart sketch.


willing to negotiate now I’ve just looked at the price and your right

how does $100 sound, I havn’t got more than 180 so if you want more I may have to wait till I get paid

It would probably be best to take a look at the commission rates people have on art sites (Deviantart, Furaffinity, etc.) to get a better idea of what this kind of stuff usually costs. It’s also handy to think of it in terms of hourly costs. $20 per drawing means that if more than an hour is spent on any single one the artist would be making less than minimum wage (not that $20 per hour is that fantastic a wage either). And if you’re looking for good quality, fully colored, full body drawings with backgrounds, that’s going to take way more than an hour. You might want to just scale down to one drawing for the time being, especially if it’s just for channel art.

thanks for the input I’ll look into it and come up with a way more better price