Need sprites & art in general.

I’m DSBx1 and I’m looking foward into making some RPG games. The only issue I have is that I can’t make sprites at all, neither can I do general art.

Right now my only concern are sprites, I’ll try to get some help on art once I’ve got the sprites.
I already made one with some sprites on the internet, and I could use that one again, but the main issue is that there are not similar sprites, and also it’s 2 blocks tall, and everything I was able to find on the internet are 1*1 sprites.
What I need basically is

  • Buildings that are made for 2 block tall characters
  • 2 block tall thin characters [if possible made with the templates here] [As many as possible]
  • 4 sprites of women getting fatter [same way as the example on the previous link]

I use RPG maker MV.

And that’s about it. If you feel like you could help, feel free to DM me on discord DSBx1#0226

Have a nice day.

I’d help, But…. My sprite style is a very weird one!
For example
See what I mean?

Sadly when I click “For Example” nothing shows up


I personally don’t find it weird at all. It’s stylized! And I quite like it.

Yeah, but how often do you see a spriter use 16x32 frames? I just feel a bit uncomfortable that my style is just so… “Different”.

Don’t be; there are all sorts of different frames used in spriting and it’s more about how they look than their size.

I mean, if you could turn those into Normal people they might work.