Needy Streamer Overload

Recently, I saw one of my friends play NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD, and it got me thinking about how one might implement a new mod to add more activities, new endings, and so on. Of course, I’m not sure if the game’s engine supports modding easily or at all, but should the latter not be possible, one could work on a simplified, standalone game that draws inspiration from it while emphasizing other kinds of things, which is why I’m posting about it in this community, ahem.

As far as I could tell, no one has posted about the game here yet, so I wanted to bring the topic up for anyone who might be interested. That being said, if someone is willing to spearhead a project to either mod the game or create a new one in its image, I wouldn’t mind providing what I can to help.


I think you mean Needy Girl Overdose or?
but yes, would also be interested in mods for this game^^

Interestingly enough, I’ve seen the game called both things on Steam. I’m not sure if that has to do with a localization issue, but the title of the game on the top of its Steam page is different from the one on the button that prompts you to buy it.

After giving the game a cursory glance, it appears to have been made in Unity. The good news is that being made in Unity probably means that modding should be feasible; the bad news is that I haven’t worked with Unity to make mods. However, I’ll keep an eye out for any of them that do end up coming out for the game.

As for a standalone title, I’ve been thinking about the successes and failures of the game’s loop, the different expectations for something meant for this community, and the technical difficulties of making a game of that sort. Moreover, it’s always good to keep one’s ambitions in check, so I’ve had to evaluate if I would be biting more than I can chew. On that end, I’ve been programming and drawing for several years, but I haven’t made any games that were meant to last more than ten minutes or art made to appeal to this kind of community. Ahem, but we can put that aside for now.

If I am to work on a standalone title, managing and communicating with other characters would be the main aspect of the game that I’d like to keep; of course, a similar setting could be used. On the other hand, while I can understand why NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD was made this way, I’d prefer having an unlimited number of days and the ability to perform more actions per day, especially since some actions are restricted to certain parts of the day. Ah, there’s quite a bit more that I’ve been thinking about, but I’ll bring up those ideas once I deem them as a bit more organized than they currently are.

Having said all of that, I wouldn’t need to post about my ideas here if I merely wanted to make something for myself, so I have a couple of questions for anyone who might be interested in a standalone game of this kind. First of all, how much would visuals be appreciated for the game? On my end, given the choice between bad visuals and none at all, I’d choose the latter; my imagination can handle the rest. As I previously mentioned, while I can draw, I don’t think that I’d be able to pull off what would be needed for the game, which makes the inclusion of visuals problematic. Secondly, should there be character customization? If so, how deep should it go? Should it only include the character’s looks or also have aspects of their personality with which to mess around? Finally, what should the game focus on? Of course, its content would have to include weight gain or something of that sort, but as long as it’s done well, I don’t mind having other pieces of content to go through, especially if it helps develop the characters therein.

Those were some of the questions that came to mind, but if any of you have some for me or other members of the community that you deem applicable, please make them.

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I presented a variety of questions that I deemed necessary to begin working on the endeavor. Given the lack of responses, I had assumed that there was little interest in such, so I never started working on it.

I would say little interest is not as likely as there’s way more people that read and consume content silently. Especially fetish based I often think people are way less likely to put themselves out there and post something. There are a variety of reasons for it’s no different than Twitter or anywhere else. If you take a look at any of the big game threads with thousand and thousands of downloads the actual number of people posting in said thread is super small.

That said I think it’s always easier to have people respond to a poll and will be way more likely to engage with it than replying from my experience. I think at least part of it is because of the “anonymity” of it. But take what I say with a grain of salt. As it’s based on what I’ve seen and experienced within the community.

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The game is interesting, don’t get me wrong. For me, the question is if WG content can be seamlessly integrated into the game, or not. At a certain point the dev work would potentially exceed simply making a standalone game with the same premise.

Even games designed with modding in mind can be a chore (eg; CK2 and CK3). I can write but I am not a coder nor artist nor 3d designer so while I noted the topic, there wasn’t an impetus to comment unless I was in a position to help.

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I see. I’m glad to know that a lack of interest might not have been the case; I’ll take it into consideration should something like this occur again.

One way or the other, I would still have needed responses to gauge what ought to be done. I’ll try addressing that in the future by using means that provide an easier way to communicate, such as polls.

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Indeed. I’ll continue looking into the difficulty of modifying the game. If it proves to be too difficult, making a standalone game in Twine might not be the worst idea, especially given the abundance of projects here that were designed in it.

Hmmm, I have played some of NSO and must say I like the idea. Ame might look kinda good with some chub (at least in my head). Becuase I am not really knowledgeable about modding I can’t say how realistic mods for the game are, especially becuase you would also need a good artist to create new sprites that look like the original style, but I can imagine many ways to implement the “gaining aspect” so to say.

Ame is a pretty unstable person in the game, at least most of the time, so instead of maybe taking drugs to help her, she resorts to food in the modded version (just one idea I had) and based on her weight and or visual changes she receives different comments from viewers and such. Maybe it’s even possible to add “eating streams” as a completely new story path depending on how much work is put into it.

Nevertheless I like the idea!
I am curious :slight_smile:

NGL, that was more or less exactly what I had in mind reading over descriptions of the game, wouldn’t be the first time a streamer’s done that. Recovering from the opposite would also make sense and there’s several different ways a dilemma like that can be resolved.

Narratively, there’s plenty of concepts, it’s just a case of execution.

Modding would definitely be a big ask for this one. The “easiest” mod would be to replace everything with a new set of sprites to get a single chubby version of her. This would include replacing all the still images, and animated frames with a new set. If some one can accomplish this, that would be really impressive and something to congratulate.

Now if you wanted there to be actual interactions, you’d not only need to do the earlier step as many times as there are steps in the weight gain process, but you will also need to design and created the WG portions which would probably include entirely new daily actions, comments, posts and replies, with escalating events and streams. Assuming you make your entirely siloed WG path, you’d now also have to worry about the interactions with the existing paths and streams to stitch your new portion in properly and believably.

I had only completed one full play through, so I don’t even know what level of complexity is even there on the other paths.

It would probably make more sense to make an all new VN like what was done with WG edition of Doki Doki Literature Club. It allows you to just focus on the parts you want while emulating what you can from the original game.


I also prefer no visuals to bad ones, but good ones are even better. Customisation is also neat, but really not necessary. Only reason I’m not sure I’d play the game is if I have to buy the base game first.

My research has led me to a similar conclusion. As such, making a standalone game would probably make more sense. Of course, I don’t expect to see results for a while, as even simple games can be troublesome to produce.

In any case, I think that the project’s goals should be decided before anything else. I’ve made this poll to get a general idea of what people want out of the project. While it likely won’t represent every opinion, my hope is that it’ll serve as a starting point for future discussions on the matter.

  • I want the game to be a recreation of the original one with some new features.
  • I want the narrative premise to be the same, but the gameplay may be different.
  • I want the gameplay to be the same, but the narrative premise may be different.
  • I just want a new game that allows me to interact with Ame; the premise and gameplay may be completely unrelated to the original game.
  • I just want a new game; the premise and gameplay may be completely unrelated to the original game.

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I’ll eventually create another poll to gauge which game engine would best suit the needs of the project. Currently, Twine and Ren’Py come to mind, as they’re quite simple to use, but making that choice definitely depends on the game being made.

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Unless any pertinent concerns are brought up, I plan to close the poll around this time tomorrow, so if any of you have an opinion to share, please do so.

I’m going to write this down for later, already eyeing Unity and while the challenge is there I think the troublesome part is the pixel art/animations.

Who knows, maybe once I get off my butt I could make this thing into an actual mod. Just… busy at the moment.


I wish you the best of luck with that and your current endeavors!

I would like to mention that progress has been made on the project. That being said, it has been quite slow, unfortunately, as I and the other member working alongside me have been quite busy with other ordeals.

I am passionate about actually getting something out there, so if anyone is interested in working on a project with us, feel free to message me! Currently, we’re primarily looking for writers or people with a good amount of inspiration for a story; don’t worry about not having the best grammar, as I will proofread the text before each and every publication thereof.

As for the game’s premise, that has yet to be formally decided, but we have thought of a few ideas. Our goal is still to stick to a similar kind of gameplay to NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD, but if we feel that such might be too restrictive to tell whatever story we end up making, changes will have to be made. If such happens, I will make another category for the project under a different title.


did a small edit on one of the sprites for fun


Made a third sprite now, the weight’s quite a bit more noticeable


Honestly, while it would be an undertaking, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to resprite Ame in this game. A lot of the sprites don’t move much when animating, so once you got the first sprite, that set is already almost done. It would take even less time if you wanted to make only her stressed/mental darkness sprites be the ones where she’s heavier, for a makeshift wg system. It also IS possible to mod the game and make custom streams as seen here: I… had a bit of fun modding the game :stuck_out_tongue: : NeedyStreamerOverload (

I’m guessing you can only replace existing streams with new ones, so for a larger mod project you’d probably have to pick one of less consequential streaming topics to replace. I’d probably get rid of the product reviews for a wg related streaming topic. Seems like the most natural one to replace if that has to be done.