Neon Heights - Twine CYOA Game

CONTENT WARNING: Weight Gain, Extreme Weight Gain, Immobile Gains, Shrinkage, Slime TF, Blueberry Inflation, Air Inflation, Bimboification, Nerdification, Cow TF, Pig TF, Mommy Dom, Corruption, Unwilling & willing weight gain, drug use, sexually provocative content.

Welcome to Neon Heights, a CYOA game set in an old-school arcade! Compete in a series of arcade games against five of your closest friends. But be warned, losing in this arcade will punish more than your wallet. Explore Neon Heights, seek out hidden endings, try to stay thin, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to pick a prize!


  • 6 Characters with 5 weight stages
  • 60k+ words
  • 130+ Passages
  • 14 Endings


TheSpookyEnd - Writing, concepts

OhNoAnotherButton - Additional writing, coding

Villaru (DA, Twitter) - Principal Art


I’m curious - is the protag meant to be male or female?

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Non-binary :slight_smile: But pronoun and gender presentation options are something we might look into in the future!


Is it possible for it to get a download button? I’m always afraid itch will vanish one day but if I have all my little .html files I’ll somehow be okay.

Just added one, I’ll make sure it keep it updated alongside the browser version! :slight_smile:


Great game over all, only wish there was an ending where if you beat them all flawlessly in the games you could take your friends back home with you as your new pet immobile blobs :stuck_out_tongue:.

Just pushed our first update! It lets you replay any ending you have found from the prize wall :slight_smile:


alright, i’ve gotten all the endings except golden trophy and water wiggler. i’m assuming golden trophy is a “you got all the endings!” achievement but i have no earthly idea how to get water wiggler

One of them happens in the food court and the other is possibly by doing something at the food court.

I am having trouble finding Torn Reset Lounge T-Shirt ending does anyone have any hints?

You are only allowed two resets at the lounge

I never know how to say this,but this was a really nice adventure,good job!

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