NEON - V0.2 Released

Oh hey there.

NEON is a 2D Sprite Based weight gain life sim with visual novel elements, all done in Unreal 4. At the moment, it’s super early on in development, but I’ve managed to get more than 2 lines of code written so I’m already winning in my books.

In it’s current state, It’s almost not just a glorified tech demo anymore. I just need to get around to building a few more systems and polish the game a little bit and it’ll feel like an actual game.

Planned Features

-Fleshed out weight gain system.
-Inflation system
-Combat system that involves using your weight to your advantage.
-Romanceable characters that can have their weight change throughout their story.
-Life simulator aspect (jobs, player home, etc.)
-Basic needs
-Transformations (horns, tails, cat ears etc.)
-Diverse customization.
-probably like 30 other things I’m forgetting lmao

A Few Screenshots

V0.2 Changelog

-Reworked entire dialogue and event system to be similar to the original 3d version (more of a Visual Novel style instead of the info dump)

-Modernised controls! (WASD and arrow key movement are now the way you move around.)
-Combat has been disabled for the time being (I’m going to put a lot more time into the backbone of the combat system this time around)

-Reworked the entire UI to make it consistent with pixel art style.

-Added new inventory system that doesn’t completely suck!

-Added music that changes depending on where you are on the map.

-Disabled the Tree event until next update.

-Added animation to the player character! (The sprite character will have some customization at some point)

-Added first face sprite for Himiko.

-Probably like 7 other things that I’m forgetting about

Link to Game Page:

If you like what I’m doing, consider supporting my patreon:

Will update the post with new information.

Have fun!


keep up the great work will be here to support

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Fyi, it’s not accepting downloads. Says the quota of downloads has been exceeded

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oh? i’ll look into that, thanks!

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oooh ok drive gets mad when too many people try to download a file, ill upload it to another drive and add the link now


Hey links still aren’t working. Not sure what’s happening


hey the links are down again even the dropbox link

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I’ll upload it to mega in a few minutes and try that. I’m reallsy surprised at how low the threshold is for the max downloads on each link

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For me, it always lets me download these if I log in. So people might be able to do that.

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this project feels very ambitious, i do hope we see a release of it but at the same time i think this project is going to cause quite a bit of burnout so i hope you manage to finish project!

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honestly, when I’m passionate about something, it’s hard for me to burn out. like I wasn’t going to work on it yesterday, then I got bored with whatever I was doing and just hyper fixated on coding for 3 hours lol

Can you put a download link on itch? It’s hard for me to download form google and link. Because I’m at China and I can"t log in those sites without vpn.

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oh yeah definitely, i genuinely forgot itch existed. thank you!

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Thank you, It’s pretty hard for me to find a stable vpn

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it’s uploading now, give it like 5 minutes tops

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it’s uploaded to itch now :+1:

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Really like to concepts and you don’t see a lot of games in unreal so that’s really interesting. Def will be looking out for this one!


The patreon is officially up!

I’m working on the dialogue and response system, as well as basic animations for walking and idling. Should have an update out by friday

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The Itch link doesn’t lead to the page.

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My bad, i messed the link up when i edited the post earlier today. Its fixed now, thanks for pointing that out!