New Banners & Site Maintenance Scheduled for 3/18

Good day everyone!

I am happy to announce that thanks again to Mihai we have finally updated our patreon and twitter banners! For everyone’s viewing pleasure here they are!



It is sad to see Willow & Graham now fully replaced but we are very happy with the work done with Wilton & Ganache and in general the quality of work done by Mihai!

Outside of the new banners we are planning to run some updates on the forums this Friday around 11PM GMT-6. It might be a bit of a larger one so expect service to be a bit spotty for around an hour or so. We will post updates through our twitter and discord during the update as usual.


love the new mascots

but i my fav was the ogs

I think Willow & Graham will always hold a place in everyone’s heart for being the OG mascots, but I am just happy that Mihai did so much work to make Wilton & Ganache worthy successors!

Any new and exciting features coming to the forum, or just background updates?

Nothing new to the forums but making a a lot of progress on the main site which is why I have been quite silent.

Unfortunately, most of it is backend stuff that is tough to show off in a screen shot like the front end work I was doing earlier.

And while not announced quite yet as we do not have it scheduled yet we hope to fully move over to AWS in the next couple months or so.