NEW Big Fatties server

So I just decided to try my hand in how to make a dedicated server for Starbound and I hope that it will all go well but if you would like to Join the server here are the mods: All the mods you will need are in the discord
I hope you guys have a fun time on the server!

Discord: Discord (IP and port are in the Discord)


What are the unnamed mods in the MEGA folder?

avian is clientside but i have it regardless, also can i request two QoL mods, namely perennial crops, and ceiling sprinkler. They make farming less annoying

this is something i want to know as well

Hey, could I get a link to the discord? The one posted is invalid.

Right now the server is done because of issues with port forwarding but after this weekend I will be purchasing a dedicated server with 25 slots.

All the mods in the mega folder are big fattie mods

as well as a new discord link will be posted.

it is all mods on big fatties as well as addons to the mod

The new discord link has been posted.

I will add those in once the server is up and running

that doesn’t answer specifically what they entail

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Oh yeah no that is not alright.

It has been changed. So now they show up as what mod they are

The current link to the discord doesn’t work

i can throw up an invite

Well the invite doesn’t work again

this thing just keeps on breaking

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Just thought I mention, I made an Update post on my Blueberry Mod page. It should explain my current predicament.

Your invite is invalid could you please update it?

Edit: Nvm im just really really stupid.