New body options and effects

I had a few ideas for a couple of body options.

  1. Custom body sliders lock. If you have played the game and used the custom body shape editor then you might know how it feels when you get the perfect number on one slider just to have it change when you edit another one. This option would be a button next to the slider that would lock it down making it unable to move when moving another slider but the other, non locked sliders would move more to compensate for the locked sliders. If the non locked sliders reach 0 the locked sliders would then move.

  2. Number inputs for the body sliders. Once again, if you have used the custom body editor then you know how hard it is to get the sliders on the perfect point. This would allow you to just click on the box that shows the percentage in the custom body editor and enter a number that would set the slider to it exactly to that percentage. If used with option 1 you can get far more accurate body measurements.

  3. Inches/centimeter measurements on model. This would be more of a cool thing than a physical thing that you could use. This would be inches or centimeter measurements for the bust, waist, hips, and butt on the main player model it’s self. Though, this is probably not very important because you can just you the control panel to see the measurements, but it would be nifty.

  4. Passive hair growth. Just passive hair growth. Every day or so your character would grow an inch of hair. There could also be a pair of scissors that you could use to cut and restyle your hair.

I’d like to see 1 and 2 done as well. It’s fairly workable at the moment with a lot of patience, but that’d make things a lot more predictable.

! and 2 are both great suggestions! I have no strong opinion on 3

Wow, sorry for the very late reply. This one slipped under the radar for quite sometime. I apologize.

#1: I initially planned on adding locks, but it would require a sizable change to how the other sliders are calculated (as they calculate in order instead of at once because I’m not great at this stuff), so, eventually I do plan on trying to rework them. It’s not a high priority at this time as it’ll sap up a bit of time to figure it out. But you can mark that down as something that will certainly be done eventually.

#2: Another great suggestion, but as this is dependent on #1, it kind of fits under the same remark.

#3: My only issue with this is that is may cause the screen to be too saturated with numbers and indicators. I might put it in as an optional effect or perhaps it’ll only show if you have the model in the expanded window.

#4: This is certainly planned. I just haven’t gotten around to it because it’s such a minor detail and until there’s a decent “hair styling” menu/npc it’d be a tedious affair for players not interest in it.

Thank you for your suggestions. Apologies for the delayed response.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Flatulence
  2. Full-body inflation
  3. Game Over after bursting at 25% or less of the character’s maximum health
  4. New mutations catered specifically for weight gain and inflation
  5. “Massive” coming after “Pure Fat”
  6. Inflation sizes similar to body sizes.

[quote=“gamerjohn1991, post:5, topic:836”]Here’s some ideas:

  1. Flatulence
  2. Full-body inflation
  3. Game Over after bursting at 25% or less of the character’s maximum health
  4. New mutations catered specifically for weight gain and inflation
  5. “Massive” coming after “Pure Fat”
  6. Inflation sizes similar to body sizes.[/quote]

I love all of these!!! :smiley:

Apologies for such a late reply. My life got a bit carried away and I completely forgot to check back up on all this.

#1. Flatulence is mechanically already in the game (GI gas mechanics and automated relief mechanics) but I simply having added anything to textually represent it as it’s never really been an interest to me. Belching, Flatulence, defecation and urination are for the most part mechanically in the game, but its not represented due to my personal feelings on the matters, I may later on add in basic content for it under a filter but I think if its not involved in regular interactive scenes it’ll lose value and become boring even for those that like it. They’re generally more onamonapia based in text context, but actual actions and scenes with its involvement may be something that could be worked on down the line. I’ll think about it.

#2. As my game attempts to reign in fetish fantasy with systems based in realism, full body inflation is a bit of an odd case. As air can’t actual inflate an entire body (without filling multiple cavities at once and or dangerously destroying walls between cavities), its less likely to be represented. The standard humanoid in the game won’t be able to do so with out sever injury or death, so only things like slimes or similarly amorphous beings would be able to do so. I’ll put this down as a technical yes.

#3. Bad ends are indeed planned, and death by bursting will be an option. I’m waiting till further into development before I deploy “game-over/reload” death, which may instead end up as a borderlands-esque re-spawn cloning process. So, eventually, yes.

#4. There will be plenty in due time. Unfortunately I can’t really say when, but naturally these are things I enjoy and will deploy over time.

#5. Sizes and definition are being rewritten in general, so they will eventually be segmented out. “pure fat” has to do with body composition and “massive” has to do with body size, and thus should fit into their own separate areas. For the sake of the request however, I will ask as to why one would want “massive” to follow “pure fat” given that those sizes were poorly but surely supplied by body composition.

#6. as was stated in #5, sizes and the words used in things in general are all undergoing change. So got you covered there.

Thanks for your feedback and patience. Again I apologies for being so late.