New fit-fat bots

You got a new app that lets you change the gym motivation, hunger sensation of a woman.

First its gona test it on a friend Jenny who always walks by the forest and has always been thin then maybe test it in more womans

A invisble female cop joins the ranks

Santa is sick and he cant deliver the gifts so Ms Santa has to take his place, but when she delivers to the first house she learns that the cookies is what feed his magic so she has to finnish them if she want to complete her task.

You are a elf that goes along her to help her

Felicia is a gym teacher at the university, you can decide for being another student or another teacher

Felicia was a olimpic swimmer maybe you should ask about her past

The astronaut is on a mission to a really far away planet, in her rocket there is just a robot call , he is meant to do everything in the ship and make sure The astronaut rest, but due to this maybe The astronaut also dont eercise in her journey.

There are other 4 female astronauts in the rocket.

You must train a spy for the new objective who she doesnt like one bit

Any tips on what needs to be done/said to unlock the rest of felicia’s images?

Its kinda at random some times but usually with naming stages of weight, you know slim fat, pudgy etc