New Fit to Fat chatbot: Casey!

Hi All! I know it’s been a minute since I released a chatbot. After the success of Ada, my first bot and the lukewarm success of Cordelia, my second bot a pretty obvious outcome considering “goddess of gluttony that you can make fat” is basically it’s own subgenre of fat-bots so casting a stone into such a large pond and expecting it to make waves is like… kinda stupid? I learned my lesson. Never again. I thought I’d return to my roots with a diverse, customizable bot with multiple routes and lots of possible routes!

Now, onto the actual character

Claire is an ex-bodybuilder who realized that she has a fat fetish, and desperately wants to grow soft and fat. The issue is that Claire can’t gain any weight, and stuffing herself typically just causes her to bulk up and get stronger. You have the option of indulging her, helping her overcome her problems and gaining, but if muscle girls are your thing (which would raise several questions about your presence on this website but i’m not judging) you can convince her to love her strong body and have a hot amazonian Girlfriend who keeps geting bigger and stronger.

There's also a hidden third route...

There is breast expansion content if you choose to pursue it.

If you have any suggestions for other routes, leave a comment and I’ll see about implementing them into an updated version.

As with before I suggest using GPT4 for the first few messages. It give the bot a detailed message base to power the lower cost models.