New Game Project - Weightcraft Chronicles: Genesis

Still in the design stage, but I thought I’d get this out there and try glean what support/interest there would be in this project. Hopefully it will stop me getting over ambitious. I got ChatGPT to write a quick story treatment/overview of what I’m working on. Hope to hear what you guys think.

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey in “Weightcraft Chronicles: Genesis,” where your journey begins as a seemingly ordinary individual in the magical realm of Eldorin. In the initial stages, players find themselves on a predetermined path, gradually uncovering latent talents as a weight crafter.

As the protagonist, you are drawn into the prestigious Mage Academy, specializing in the ancient art of Weightcraft. Guided by seasoned mentors, you’ll undergo mage training, honing your skills to manipulate weight and unravel the secrets of this mystical craft. The academy serves as a crucible where your character discovers their innate abilities, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.

Intriguingly, the narrative unfolds to reveal an untapped dimension of magical prowess – flesh crafting. As you progress through the storyline, the latent potential within you blooms, granting access to the profound art of molding not just weight but the very essence of physical form. This revelation marks a pivotal moment, expanding the scope of your magical repertoire and influencing the trajectory of your interactions with the characters and the world.

The game delicately balances the narrative railroading in the early stages, ensuring a seamless integration with the discovery of your magical talents. The Mage Academy becomes a pivotal hub, serving not only as a training ground but also as a nexus for relationships, choices, and the unfolding saga of your character’s destiny.

Embark on this mesmerizing journey of self-discovery, mastering the intricate arts of Weightcraft and flesh crafting. “Weightcraft Chronicles: Genesis” promises a captivating blend of magical exploration, character evolution, and the forging of bonds that resonate through the realms. Your transformation from a blank slate to a formidable weight crafter and flesh sculptor awaits, shaping the destiny of both heart and magic.


I’ve made some progress towards actually making the game - for good or ill I’ve paused the design process for now in order to actually get something out there to play with. Who knew implementing a menu would be so difficult? And yet now that I’ve done it, it’s actually really simple. The next challenge will be finding a way to make it go back from a menu item to the passage last used without having to use the arrow at the top.

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Ok, I now technically have a working game with some narrative, characters and the beginnings of a few of the game play systems in place. Good news is I’m hoping to have a playable test out hopefully by the end of the week. Bad news is I’m probably a ways off in terms of versions and development time from the narrative getting to a point where you lovely people will get to enjoy the good stuff we’re all here for. I might put a “spoiler page” or two in when I release the first demo to gauge interest/entice people into to bearing with me while I get to the fun parts. The joys of being a one man dev team and needing to learn the code as I go along with doing the writing lol