New here!

Hey all!

New here, and I’m so glad I found a community of people interested in making games like this! I’m currently a full time student while also working full time so it’s hard for me to have time to make games but I wanna get more active into it! I’ve currently only made one game but I’m also working on a unity weight gain RPG game as well. I prefer a technical side of work, but I also do artwork. I know a some of GML but my forte is C# in Unity.

Anyway, glad to be here!

Welcome! To Weight Gaming :smile:

Oh hey, I thought you looked familiar. You’re in Eggo’s “Feed-a-Furry”. Welcome.

Welcome take some food and come have fun!

Welcome to our site! Happy to see another dev who like working in Unity! Been working on a few RPGs on and off myself but mainly to make some toolkits for making them in Unity.

Back on topic though happy to have ya here!

What do you mean by in “feed a furry?” Sounds like a game…

Here you go!