New IF Game - Seeking Aid!!!

Hey, community. I am new here and I am in the process of creating the biggest, most expansive IF weight-gain game known thus far, but such a project cannot be undertaken by one man!

I am here to ask for aid! You could be my right-hand man/woman on this project, titled “Love is the Way to My Heart”. I am using Twine 2.0 and have only had a week’s-worth of self-training and creating my game, so I am not by any means a master. I already have a co-writer on board, but I really need a technical support person: i.e. someone good at Twine 2.0. I need help with somethings that I cannot figure out on my own.

If you are interested, please send me an email at The sooner, the better!!!

UPDATE: I have found someone who is going to be helping me out, but I am still open to people willing to help with debugging.


Not yet. I am working very hard on the game at the moment.

ok them thanks for the info take your time on it i cant wait (i can wait for it) for it to come out though