New Lurker has been Revealed with a RPG project in the works! (On Hold)

Greetings Everyone, i am Undead and i have been lurking on this site for long months. I wanted to let myself to be known and share my stuff to this is community!

What do I do?: I simply like to draw my fetishes for fun and love to share it others who are in common.
here some of my art! I am also currently trying to learn how to use both RPG maker and Gdevelop for future stuff!

Things i will not draw: feet, scat, babyfur, diapers, characters that looks like kids, gore and other extreme fetishes. Also i don’t like drawing humans in any fetish arts
Things i will draw: blobs, slobs, chubby, fat, weight gain, muscle(no hyper), feeding, nsfw, hyper, expansion, musk, sweat, gas and vore

Examples of my art (CW: Vore)


Okay, Introduction is finished i think, Now heres the MAIN topic i wanted to talk about.

A passion project that im slowly working on
its a sci-fi magic based RPG game that contains WG, Vore, and Gas (such as Burps and farts)

The story is about the MCs that crash landed on a planet that is kind of stuck in it’s medieval age and was infected by some fattening virus.
The MCs must save the people on the planet, stop the villain who is producing this fat virus, and finally leave the planet (with some reward of course lol).

Concept Art: (CW: Vore)

what i have planned is to try to overhaul RPG Maker’s generic art style with my art style!
all Party members, title textures, NPCs, EVERYTHINg-
well if i can do everything haha-
other plans that i have in mind which is overall fetish based mechanics in the game that will often be use as weapons, magic, or a way to move forward the next area, like a WG mechanic haha

My aim of this RPG game is to balance out both story and gameplay. I don’t want the player to feel bored when greeted with a large wall of text nor i want the game to be too grindy. Trying to maintain the game to keep the player always hooked and interested.

I think thats all i have here at the moment but if those who are interested, Msg down here or DM me!
i would love to get some help and hear some ideas from you guys to make this game into a reality for people like us to have fun with!


YO! Ngl pretty excited to see this plsy out!

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Can’t wait to see the first version of this when it eventually comes out.

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