New megaman zero game based on comic I made through yummysinpie: need 32 bit artist and music artist capable of making unique Megaman zero themed music and making zero series style sprites: still deciding to finish the comic before the games payments

Hey I was considering creating a megaman zero weight gain style game but don’t have the knowledge or time to be able to create the 32 bit style I have planned, I have a story and idea based on my zero series comic I’ve been commissioning to yummysinpie called zero fatty collection, it’s basically a game set after the final part of it but also have to finish eventually, most likely I will be able to pay in parts due to not having a lot of money but I am more than willing to set up times to pay 150 AUD in 2 weeks and have possible work done once I’ve paid in full, but would mostly like to know how much you’d be willing to work for, I will also most likely finish the actual comic series first but let me know if any of you are keen to replicate a zero series game in 32bit and adding a sumo form based on the cyber elf oc I made, also her name is Fida. I’ll give more details if I get a response but would more than be willing to pay whatever amount is necessary before I make you work on it, most likely as well when we have progress made I will set up a patron so money can come a bit better towards the games future

Might be cancelling the game not sure if I truly have enough money to pay for the game yet unless I receive donations still undecided until the comic is done but as of rn I might not commit to the game anymore


This is the cover comic most likely I’ll pay for the art scenes during cutscenes but I want it to be like an actual zero game but weight gain themed


I will say one last thing that most likely my comic will be finished in around 1 to 2 years but I’m hoping 1 so I can’t work on paying developers and pixel artists until that is finished, it’s already finished part 1 but I need to finish part 2 and 3 which 2 has 90 panels and 3 has not confirmed but around 150 + panels

If it’s about the game itself, I’m happy to help you, but I’m not that good at drawing.

Dnw I mostly plan to pay both a 32 bit artist and a programmer aka game setup guy, what kind of stuff are you good at? Like do you think if I got the money you could be able to make a zero series replica if I also provided the sprites and art stuff? Of course it will also be a weight gain theme to it lol I will most likely provide more details once I’ve paid for my origin for it aka the comic I’m working on

Also most likely I’ll be getting yummy to make the art for the game and the cutscene arts like the zero series did in their games

Update: I will set this post up again once I have purchased the full origin comic of the main cyber elf that has a major plot to the weight gain and feederism power part of the game, but also only cause I still have a great plan to add the story after the origin and fit it’s story into an actual zero timeline if zero never let Weil get a chance to blow up the world after the fight with craft, not gonna spoil too much but basically it’s a alternate scenario storyline. And yes there will be oc characters based on the cyber elf’s powers, but for now I will be planning a bit more so I can give out people something to start on once I finish the comic. But once the comic is done I plan to start getting ready to pay any amount a 32 bit artist and animation artist and coder wants to receive.

Also don’t click on that spoiler if you don’t want to be spoiled the end plot to zero 4

I’ve made a patron but I don’t expect anyone to pay for it until I’ve made progress on the plans and what I want to end up doing for the story, but yeah I’ve got most of the gameplay planned so far just gotta design the levels by commissioning the art for the character designs and levels. Then I can make a rough idea of what I want to use for the design of the entire maps. Also I will most likely do a yummy sinpie com for the map design and character arts.

But the main game i want to have that old zero 32 bit style lol