"New" Member here

I LIED, I’ve been here a while, just forgot to do one of these little introductions so here we go.
I’m the neppiest nepper to ever nep and recently awakened to my love for fat girls. I also despaired at the lack of weight gain games anywhere, so I joined this forum to find some good ones. So far, not disappointed.
I usually don’t like “western” artstyle for fat girls or inflation, but there have been a lot of exceptions on here. I’m also not a furry, but i’m also desperate. Played a lot, and I mean A LOT of ‘ero games’ so if you’re looking for something specific I’m your nep.

I’m unfortunately not a game creator, nor an artist, unless I finally stop procrastinating one day or get hyped on a cool project, but I am learning japanese, albeit slowly, so I hope to be of help in translating games in the future.

So this concludes this long overdue introduction. I like this site and its community so far, and I hope to experience more of that.


Welcome aboard! You’ll fit in just fine here.