New Nirulea Campaign

“Hello every one, Sinful_siren here! Just came by to let everyone know that there will be a new Nirulea campaign taking place at around 7pm tonight, hosted by me! It will be for newcomers who haven’t had the chance to take place in a long-term nirulea game, so I hope that anyone who would like to give it a try will come on down. The slots will open at around 5:30pm and will be open until 6:30, giving everyone an hour to get a slot. It will be a good idea to come into Discord o get a slot, since that is where I’ll be posting everything. Hope to see you there~”

((EDIT: This will be at 5:30pm CDT and 7pm CDT, just to let everyone know!))

nooooOOOOOO!! Damn it I wanted to play in this tabletop RPG.

You still can you know, we have one-offs even when our longterm stories are filled up with players.

Have a fresh link to chat.

Well. I still wonder where I can actually play RPG itself

I wouldn’t mind trying it out sometime.

I’d like to give this a try, too. The first Nirulea campaign interested me back when I was still lurking. But, I don’t have a secondary Discord account for fetish-oriented stuff like this, and, honestly, I’m a little nervous about coming because of that. That and my times are a bit sporadic at times.

Slots are full now anyways

Well, is it possible for a second campaign to be made? I’d love to play this

Yes, fairly often new campaigns will be made, if you want more information you can ask via discord

Well, if possible, add Darkheart#5356 so I can ask about the campaign

Boom, come join the official discord server and experience the game for yourself.