New patreon for fatty game projects!

Just wanted to announce that I’ve gone ahead and gotten myself a Patreon for future projects!!! (In addition to sporatic art posts as the mood hits me) If you enjoyed the SFRPG, please consider following me over there! I’m looking into starting up another fatty game project and having patreons backing me up would allow me to dedicate more time to a game than to stuff like commissions to pay my bills!

So like, not to bribe yall but them’s the steaks~

I don’t quite have things set up yet though. But I hope to figure out some nifty reward tiers like art previews, beta testing, and maybe even OC cameos~?

But for now, I’ve just set up a $1 tier and if you sign up there’s a link to a great big folder of my previous sketches/art I’ve just accumulated throughout the years as well as some .PSD’s for fun!

FOLLOW ME THERE FOR MORE UPDATES! (Or my Twitter) I won’t bug ya’ll here anymore.