New PC gamer in need of help with Fallout 4 mod

Hello guys and gals,

I was wondering if anyone can assist me with a Fallout 4 WG mod. I recently purchased a new gaming laptop (finally joined master system) and was drooling at the fact I could finally play fallout 4 with the coldsteelj bbw mod. I DL’d all required files from thier list and followed (at least to the best of my ability) all the steps listed on thier mod post. Started the game and it seems as though the mod is working. My mod is telling me my character is gaining weight as they eat food and all of the mod items are in the game. Unfortunately my character’s model doesn’t change at all even though the mod is telling me I’m going through all the “fat” stages (chubby, fat, very fat, ect). I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what was the workarounds for it. Please and thank you to all that read this post and those who reply. (Also I have contacted the mod creator but it doesn’t seem as though they understand the issue I’m trying to convey to them.) (No fault on them, I probably not explaining it as needed)



Are you using Vortex for mods ? if not, you should use it. You need to use bodyslide and select the right group (it must be “Ssbbw2+3 Coldsteelj”).
And you should watch this vid (it’s for “vore mod” too if you’re interested, but it also deals with WG mod) : How to install Fallout 4 vore and Weight Gain Mod! (Please Read Description!) - YouTube
I know it may be hard to install this mod for the first time, but do not despair and try again. I hope you can understand my english :p.


Thanks for the assistance. I just lookat the video and there was a step that wasn’t clear to me at first (checking all the outfit blocks before building morphs). I did that and still nada in regards to weight gain :tired_face::confounded::tired_face:. I literally have everything else in the mod working (jiggle effects, custom outfits, notifications of supposed weight gain) but alas, my character will not gain any weight…not sure what else to do honestly. Again, thanks a ton for replying and providing assistance. :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:

it only seems to work on the newest version of fo4

Do you have every mods like CBBE, skeleton extended, Advanced Animation Framework (I don’t know if these two lasts are necessary) etc etc ?
Is F4SE is up-to-date ?
If necessary, you can use “LOOT” if there is some errors that vortex doesn’t see.

Anyway, i think you’re doing something wrong with bodyslide honestly (that’s where i failed myself in general), but i didn’t open fallout 4 (and mods) for a while so i can’t tell you what :(. But, if you still have problem i could try myself to install WG mod on a new vortex profile this week-end and tell you ^^

Hey, I know this is like 2 years too late but I’m also having this issue too and it’s really frustrating considering I followed every step in the DA’s description only to have this happen to me. Still, I would really like if anyone knew of a solution (especially since the previously linked video is gone)
Also with outfits on it’ll be thin but with outfits off everything will be enormous so I really don’t get

did you batch build the body in bodyslide with morph selected?
the thing is, the mod comes with the bodyslide new ssbbw sliders in the max by default and with morphs unselected

What you need to do is in BodySlide
Select the group of clothings and bodies you want to build (probably anything with SSBBW in the name)
Select an preset that makes the body go from ultra fat to thin
select the build morphs box in the bottom left corner
then select “Batch build” buttom
that will batch a new body for every single armor in that ground and hopefully make the morphing to work

I know this was a while ago, but I’ve been searching for something to help me, I can’t seem to get this right, I downloaded all of the archives for the mod, but when I put it in body slide it doesn’t show any other outfit in the group other than the nude one, I don’t see any outfits and I don’t know why.