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Hello Everyone!

So back in August I made my first game and posted it here, and people actually played it which was great! However, it was a barely complete project and I originally wanted to add more to it. I unfortunately never got to that, I wanted to first improve my art skills because I didn’t feel like the quality I wanted was there. Well it turns out I’m just not great at pixel art and it is what it is.

This project started because I still wanted to make a game despite not being able to make pixel art traditionally. So recently I started to teach myself about shaders and mesh generation from script. The shaders allow me first make 3d models and then apply an effect to pixelate and stylize the model. Experimenting with this has really helped me get the style and quality I wanted but couldn’t do before. The mesh generation is so I can program expansion and weight gain by changing the 3d models from script.

Overall I am really happy with the following results:
(I had to convert the video to a gif to upload, it decreases the quality a little)

That being said, I still have a lot of work to do. The goal is to make a system in unity where I have a lot of options for customization such as:

*Skin color
*Hair color and style
*Breast size and general shape
*Belly size and general shape
*Belly size and general shape
*Fun transformations! (Hucow, bimbofication, change of body type)

So far the only thing I’ve programmed so far is the breast size and shape. But it will essentially be different implementations of the same code for the other body parts (with some slight adjustment). I will also be using some procedural animation to make the characters move. I didn’t show it in the video but the character is rigged! There’s a lot of plans here and I hope to have a more robust update soon!

What I am less set in stone about is the actual meat of the gameplay. I think I want to do is have the player interact with the character through a mix of a mini game and speech options. A simple example of this would be playing checkers against the character, when you capture a piece she increases a size of whatever body part the player chooses. Between games the player can talk to the character. Once the system has more features I would probably choose this to make a playable demo.

But I also would like a more fun and interesting game. I feel like NSFW games don’t always have interesting gameplay because they want to focus on the content. Which is fair! I really enjoy those games when they have good and well paced content. And the benefit of procedural generation is that it is really easy for me to have the NSFW content react to what’s going on in the gameplay. It would feel like a waste to not take advantage!

My initial idea is an alchemy and potion making game! The character will be your assistant and will help you brew potions. I can take advantage of procedural animation to have her walk around the lab and physically grab ingredients to take to the player. The player will then use a recipe system to make potions that have different transformations. You have the assistant drink it, and the transformation will take effect over time while she is walking around. And ideally she will respond by talking to the player about what transformations are taking place.

But since this project is so early in development I would also love to see if anyone has any ideas about the direction of the gameplay! My next goals are to flesh out more of the types of expansion support and to finalize the base character model so she doesn’t have to be all pink anymore.

Thanks for reading all this!


You had me at “pregnancy”. Career, interest, etc.

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You have my interest and support!

Deffo have me for bigga booba.

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Keep up the good work!

wonder if it is possible to include clothes bursting?
aka when body parts become too big the clothes gradually fail at various sizes

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