New Race

I’m trying to add a new race to the mix. So far I’ve managed to get it to work well and the only little hiccup is that in the description of the character it lists the genetic race as human rather than the custom name. I’ve checked every file involved with the mod for the reason and every other file I thought might could be possibly associated with it and… I’m stumped.

The only value I can think of to change it is generic.race and I have that set as such:

<entry> <string>generic.race</string> <> <organname>generic</organname> <statname>race</statname> <value>0</value> <changerate>0.0</changerate> <pubertyage>0.0</pubertyage> <maturetime>0.0</maturetime> <mutationrate>5.0</mutationrate> <oneTimeMutation>0.0</oneTimeMutation> <active>true</active> <geneForce>50</geneForce> <sexTraits>70</sexTraits> <script></script> <passOnFastTime>false</passOnFastTime> <runAsDNA>false</runAsDNA> <runAsRNA>false</runAsRNA> <checkRange>false</checkRange> <minValue>0.0</minValue> <maxValue>0.0</maxValue> <textValue>drake</textValue> <returnToNatural>false</returnToNatural> <backforce>0.0</backforce> <backforceRangeMult>0.0</backforceRangeMult> <scriptRunOnlyAsActive>false</scriptRunOnlyAsActive> <chrate>0.0</chrate> </> </entry>

Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.

This gene contains only ID for the race, not the description to show directly. It’s for the check in descriptions templates, and if scripts not found anything to math, then default race name (human) will be used. You need to create custom description for your race. Check in templates/c_od/race_*.tpl files how to.

Thankyou! It was staring me right in the face and I was too tired to think about a template being used. Next question though:

In the SDK explaining stuff about values it starts to assign number values to races. I’m assuming each race was supposed to have a unique number to identify it. In humans the priority is 0, in Kau and Nekomata they are both 1 though. So my question is, where are the unique id numbers supposed to go if they are even still being used?

Also, as a followup question, the race will be winged. So they will be able to fly, but given that they are humanoid and this game loves calculations and whatnot so much (which I love!) I’m considering setting up weight restrictions similar to when the pregnant ladies can’t walk. I was also considering letting them have the wings but only be able to use them after they’ve hit a certain maturity. So as far as that goes, should I consider setting up a new organ or do the work in a DNA file?

Races not have numbers values - ID is textValue in gene itself in your gene it’s: “drake”. But it should be unique, yes.

Priority in templates (and events) used when several templates passed primary conditions check. Only after this game select template with highest priority from list of passed this check. If even then exists two or more such templates (for example - two templates with prio 5) then one of them will be used randomly.

For you case - templates checking if generic.race contain specific ID. So check will be passed only for templates that have “drake” in gene, and template for human as it has “1” as condition script (same as boolean true in this case). So yours template should have higher prio than template for human to be always shown for “drake” ID.

If you need to grow wings on character as process of maturity:
Set-up character decription templates to skip wing descriptions if gene for them (for example “wings.size”) below 1 or in passive state. And set-up this gene to begin from 0, and change it’s value after some initial time. Like puberty process. (Check how females grow breasts for a sample. And how this genes processed in males.)

Thanks for the quick response! Should be very useful.

Nice idea!

I have planning make some race (half human/half spider), but it needs not only a race but new organs code and custom description. I going to give a try over your template.