New Realistic IF Game

So, I have begun creating a new Interactive Fiction game using the Twine 2.0 program. I am working with STC9892 from DeviantART on the story portion, so it is going to be great!

It is going to start out as a slow grind as you build your relationship with the female love interest, but as time goes on more and more options will be available to the player, including sex. The weight gain is going to be realistic and the characters and plot will be as realistic as it gets. The reason I am making this a realistic, long game is because too often are the games short and sweet. While they may be fun, a little further expansion might be just what you guys want.

Think of this game as a mix between “A piece of Cake!” and “Gaining Perspective”.

3/27/20 – Update

So, I figure once a week or so I will update this post with how the game is coming along. I have gotten the weight-gain element down, numerous paths completed, background images inserted, and dynamic passages (phrases and words change every time it is reloaded/refreshed). I have come a long way since last week, and I am excited to share this journey with you all. I figure in about a few more weeks I will have a very thorough game, maybe even the first chapter done! I plan on having the game broken up into life events as chapters; once I feel ready with chapter one, I will re-link the game for all of you to test.

Stay with me, my dudes! Have patience!


Alright, so, with all my positions being filled I am no longer taking in any more help. I appreciate all who have contacted me and are now on board the production!

The game is coming along very quickly and as time goes on more and more is added, adding to the complexity and engagement of the game.

My main focus is to have a game that is not boring to play but is long enough to play for at least a few days. I don’t want an afternoon-delight, but rather an intriguing story that keeps the players coming back for more! It is a big order to fill, but with my crack team of specialists I believe we will get this accomplished.

All of your encouragement means a lot to me; even a simple “keep it going, man!” is enough to fill my energy.


I have gotten a few requests for the demo; let me be clear: I do NOT have a working demo. I had a teaser, similar to letting people read the first few pages of a book to get them interested. The first real demo for public release will be within the year, hopefully. You all have to realize that I am just a man; I am not working on this project day and night. I have a wife and a job and I still go to college; I am busy. Please stick with me on this project, as I am not going to abandon it, but it is going to be a lengthy process and your encouragement will be helpful.

Also, I might add that I am not just willy-nilly lending out the teaser anymore. I have selected my team of specialists and am very picky on who I bring on-board from now on. Unless you have special talents in writing, editing, or debugging, please don’t message me with “I wanna play the game!”. Everyone wants to play, but it isn’t ready.

As I have said before, please be patient. You can inquire about the game, and you can talk to me personally, but don’t just ask for the game. You won’t get a response from me if you do that.


And here is another weekly update! Guys, chapter one is coming to an end! I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but chapter one is nearing completion, which means a demo is on its way! I can’t say for sure when, but probably before summer hits. So far I have over 42,000 words put into this project with over 200 passages. I have been working hard with my team on bringing you guys a demo, which will only be chapter one. I don’t have the entire story mapped out yet, but I do plan on having multiple chapters (each chapter is a major life event; so far I have 3 in mind).

This is a very expansive story with so much going on; I hope that you all will appreciate and love this story/IF.

Stay with me and keep checking back every few days for updates! I might open up a website exclusively for this project.


Urgent! Need help with writing again. If you are interested in writing and helping on this project please email me at


can’t you use a site like mediafire to share the files?

As you are new here (welcome!) your trust level (privileges) will grow as you contribute to the forum, so there are probably things you can’t do yet. However, your best uploading to the usual suspects: mega, dropbox, google drive etc. and posting a link to it.

If you have a Google account, then you should have a Google Drive account. Have you tried uploading to Google Drive and copying a link to it?

Honestly I have to look into that. I was looking into creating a Wix website to post it because I really intend on having this game polished and playable, as well as updatable. So, for now, I would rather give it out in direct form to others and get critique that way.

Thank you for the direction!

I have not yet. Let me give it a try. I’ll update you guys when I get it.

Overall, you’ve got a good start going. But you currently have A LOT of dead ends that just kind of creep up on a player. Example: This page when you try to go on a fast food date. “Next” is not a link, it’s just red text that can’t be clicked on.

I haven’t done anything with Twine, so I don’t know how this could be fixed, but I have a lot of stuff that looks like this happening on almost every page. These pink bars look like they’re error messages, for you.

Also the “skip to the weight gain” button does not work.

Thank you! I will look into those errors. Twine is a coding program, and I literally have only what I learned on Youtube to help me through coding. I am quite proud of myself for what I have so far, and I thank you for the kind words!

Yeah, a lot of links are broken, and I am working on fixing that, but I am mainly looking for pointers and critique on the layout, storyline, and characters. You may not have noticed, but every time the game is restarted, a new woman character with different defining features will be your love interest. There are so many things involved with making a Twine as complex as I am doing, so I do appreciate your patience and contribution to my work!


Hello, where I can play the demo? and what typo of game will be this? adventure? more like a visual novel about a normal life? would be very pleasant to give you an opinion or maybe even be a tester of your progress in the game edited: Also would like to ask, since I saw some screenshots on the others answers, is this a text game, rpg, 3d? just to know more about the details that you’re working on

I really appreciate your enthusiasm on getting to know my game!

It is a love story that is focused on weight gain of the female love interest. It is a text adventure, but instead of typing the choices are laid out before you, and some are hidden until you unlock them. This is going to be a very expansive IF game with various outcomes and passages; I am working very hard on getting a true full demo for everyone to play. I allowed people a teaser demo, which was extremely rough and lacked options, but it was to get an idea of what the community was into. I received both positive and negative feedback, so I am working on those pointers.

There will be background images to help in immersion, but I am not there yet, and every time the game is restarted a new female character with different traits is loaded (this is to keep it fresh and inviting for multiple playthroughs).

I love that you want to be a tester, and if you truly want to help me out you can email me at so that way I can directly send you progress and the teaser.


I think I experienced a lot of the things @chilmistressfreia reported myself. I couldn’t seem to complete a day cycle no matter what options I chose. I’ve never used Harlowe, so I can’t quite work out if it is the case that this just isn’t possible.

A couple of things; while you are very much in testing mode you might want to deliver the project with debug turned on so we can better report problems. Also if this is intended to be big and complex, you may want to look at building with Tweego so you can have multiple source files and use version control (like git). It also means you can run the files through a spell checker.

I’d second advice re; Tweego.

I’ve previously poked around SugarCube but never had time/confidence to go ahead with any projects.

I appreciate your notes! I have found someone who is helping me debug my game, so I am on the right track to fixing a lot of the reported errors, including the day cycle.

I will have to see where this project goes: for right now, though, Twine 2.0 seems to be easy to use for me and is something I can easily go in and edit.

Where can I play the demo again? I think I need to contact you via email right?

Email me for more details.

Could I play the demo? How do I get it?

I sended you an email

What do you mean by “Realistic”? Will the girl face negative health and social consequences as she gains weight?
I’m a big fan of the degrading/humiliating effects of WG so that’s why I’m asking.
Good luck with the project by the way. :slight_smile:

P.s. Oh and will we be able to choose the player character’s gender or it’s male only?

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I’m not into the degrading aspect but by realistic, I mean REALISTIC. I plan on having everything based off reality; the negative and the positive sides of weight gain. The protagonist will not have the means of making fun of or humiliating the love interest. That’s just mean, in my opinion. But, I did plan for others to give sneer looks and make rude comments; I even have a section planned for the family of the love interest to look down upon her life choices and eventually drama ensues. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but rest assured it will be like living real life, but faster :wink:

As of right now, it is male protagonist only. Perhaps in the future I can look into it.