New Twine Project "The Dawn Complex" (working title will probably change)

Warning-NSFW, not optional NSFW, unavoidable NSFW so don’t play while at work unless you work from home

The Dawn Complex is a choose your own adventure linear twine game™ where you must make your way to the end of a large subterranean temple supposedly built by the gods and supposedly containing either a near infinite supply of food to feed the people of your village forever or enough valuables to give everyone their own palace made of pure gold. while you are inside the temple will effect your mind, body and the fate of yourself, your home village, and the world choose carefully.

There is no fail condition so don’t worry too much about messing up, however you might get an ending you don’t like.

btw if you didn’t read tags it is furry, so expect more fur and scales than skin

Chapter 1 coming when it’s ready (slight delay in being ready due to me getting the flu)

Harlowe was a mistake




Great interest




Sounds like a very interesting game concept I look forward to see how it comes out

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to little male wg stuff out there so this is exciting

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update: I got the flu so delays already yay

so I have added a save system but it doesn’t appear to be working. so when the first build is released you’ll have the option to save but it won’t do anything. I might fix it beforehand but I don’t know how to do that

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another update

I’ve decide to just remove saves because i can’t get them to work in a non intrusive way and I also don’t know how sugarcube works, maybe snowman is also beginner friendly but I’ll just stick with Harlowe for now

instead of saves I’ll name the chapter endings and when a new one comes out you’ll be able to start at each chapter from the ending you got, (or the one you didn’t get I don’t care I’m not your dad)

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just to get some peoples preferences, since some routs will contain more than just WG do you want me to tag decisions with what themes are included so you don’t have to read something you don’t like or would you prefer to be surprised?

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