Next Update: Halloween!!!

I don’t really know if I needed to make a whole new topic but I’m new here and I’m new to doing forums in general so bear with grandpa snail.

I’m finally going to nail up a deadline for myself: HALLOWEEN!!! I’ve been hesitant to give concrete details until a good chunk of the work was done but we’re finally comfortable I feel I can update with confidence now. All that’s really left is busting out the straggling art and writing assets.

Note: this is the first official “FULL RELEASE”. I plan to have one more after this with the more “end game” content but I’m not even going to think about all that until this chunk is done. But keep in mind that what you’re going to get is roughly 75% of the game now and it’s easily 2-3 times the breath of the demo.

I’ll of course make a new topic here on the forum so STAY TUNED~!!!


don’t push yourself, but I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to this! :grinning:

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Ay don’t stress yourself over the project too much! (I’m still excited for that anyway :smiley: )

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