Nice touch in Saints Row the Third Remastered

In the original Saints Row the Third your character’s skin textures would change depending on your build (the game has a similar build slider to Fallout 4 where you pick a point between skinny, muscular, and fat on a triangle). In the remaster this is still the case but the textures, and especially the normal maps, are much better. Sorry that the characters in these images aren’t exactly the same but they both have the same build. The little detail that I really love is that in the remaster the “fat” normal map has back folds. I love it!


I absolutely agree. Saints 3 Remastered looks phenominal

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It’s really great, I’m not a huge fan of 2 or 4 so I was really happy that 3 was the one to get a remaster.

Saints Row has always been on point with their character creators, though i still think that Saints row 2 had the best.
You could make the biggest and most shapely player model i have ever seen in a game.

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I do wish Saints Row 3 had the body customization of 2 but I don’t really like how the faces looked in 2. I was hard to make a large character who didn’t have a super thick neck and the teeth are rounded.

Ooh I gotta get this remaster, I love my BBW protag in Saints Row 3 original

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Just discovered this dress and all I can say is god damn!

I have the remaster (thank you Epic Store giveaways), but it plays way too dark, and I don’t have the HDR settings for some reason (incompatible monitor, I assume) that people say you need to change to fix that. I wonder if someone would be able to port that feature to IV… I wouldn’t even know where to start to try, if it even is possible.

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What features do you mean? Also, really wish I could help you with that HDR problem but I wouldn’t have any idea.

I mean the feature that this post is talking about, the texture/normal map with back folds and such on the fat setting.

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Oh, well the original does do the same thing where the texture changes based on the build it’s just that the textures are so much better in the remaster. Theoretically, if you could figure out how to export the textures from the remaster and add them to the original, it should be possible.