Nimim - fetish game

I do not know if anyone knows this game made in flash (Yes, that flash that will die in a couple of days), the thing is that I want to continue the game and add more content to this especially important because there is none in it and I wanted continue the development of this but the problem is that I have zero knowledge about flash and maybe some of you can help me continue with its development, the latest version dates from 2018 where the creator left the source code and maybe with that we can continue and finish what he couldn’t.

you can take a look of the game here :
[Link removed by admin]


i can’t open the link…

You can link the game from FA, I had to remove your other link as it seemed to redirect to something other than the game.

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No idea what the game is, but people have little time and limited skills more often than not, so I doubt you’ll find anyone.

Thanks for sharing though!

I got the link in a round about way. (I don’t have a account of FA and its a mature game)
i just went to Fenoxo’s link page and it was their


sorry for that , SWFchan have another version a little more recent but i understand.

holy hell this got me the popular link award. guess a lot of people wanted to see it

50 clicks is very standard honestly, they should raise it to 100 or more.
I got it just for posting a strawpoll in Forks for example.

I freaking LOVE Nimin, one of my favs. I love the Dair-E pills!

I really do like this game due to the whole nature of it, that and if you save scum a bit you can get preferred features from transformations. That and while the combat is simple there’s always a chance for failure thanks to the libedo/lust mechanic.

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You can save scum transformations?! Good to know!