Ninfa's Mod for Virtual Feeder

Hello again, a few weeks ago I shared the link to a deviantart page to download Virtual Feeder, a game/application made between 1999-2001 that consisted of feeding a series of old photoshops.
I said that I wanted to make a mod (feedee) for this program and I did.
This made based on Helena’s file, but I changed about 50% of the dialogues, making the experience something different, the most difficult part was without a doubt the art; but nothing that the tutorials do not solve.

Say hello to Ninfa, the new girl who is delighted to be the girl that eats anything in front of her.

And yes, for those who are interested, she is of legal age.

Just download the file, unzip it and put the Ninfa folder next to the other feedees.

You can enjoy the mod now.

Download the mod here


I honestly enjoyed playing with your character and I just now learned about Virtual Feeder.
the only thing that caught my attention was Ninfa and Marge Simpson, the rest attracted me less, so I hope you come up with another furry character)


There’s another furry mod that was linked in the original post if you want to check it out.


I forgot how tiny Virtual Feeder is on a modern monitor.