Niruela: A land of former plenty

Niruela is a D&D like Tabletop RPG with many WG elements currently in development with many features. Multiple scenarios have already been played.
Spreadsheet: Nirulea: Game Info - Google Sheets

Can anyone join or do we have to find another group to play?

If there’s interest in this, I could give the rules a go and try GMing a game of this in a play by post setting. I’ve got a few years of tabletop under my belt, and it’d be something to populate the forum with.

I’d be interested in playing in this, if someones willing to run it.

On that note, there are various tools for playing tabletops online. I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but for those that haven’t:


I am indeed aware of’m! Personally I prefer Maptool for my games, but for this I was considering playing by post simply because I’m already in 2-3 games per week!

For those who want a bit of information on the above, has developed a platform for playing tabletop games which can be used in a peer-to-peer or server based setup. This is more software on the end user and generally requires a bit of finnicking to work with. Roll20 is a website that allows you to network for games as well as hosts said games on their own network. It isn’t as robust, but is a bit easier to get started.

Sorry about not getting back. There is a official chat for Niruela ( and its most active at around 9pm EST

I’d be good with either play by post or something else. I also have been looking at the google doc, and wanted to contribute a bit, so I looked at the skills re-writes and did my best to copy the style for the Ballistaire’s basic skills (which is I think what I’m most interested in playing). I might try and do the advanced skills later or make a bestiary entry. Looking forwards to playing this eventually!

this seems interesting, hopefully this goes up

So Sarticor, yawnstretch, and I are interested in playing, and Droark would be up to run a game? Three people is a bit small, but would probably be workable.

Sorry for the late post. Been busy with work, driving about, and messing with computer things. Three people is enough for me to at least throw together a one shot, with the possibility for creating a campaign. I’ll start digging into the system and will create a thread here or there when I’m ready to discuss character ideas, story, and tone.