No Gain No life (Alpha 0.0.2)

Hello my fellow fat enthusiasts and others… Doday i bring you a game, but not just any game. My brand new game im currently am working on! (on and off)

I introduce you to no gain no life, where you play as Audrey. A girl. Thats about it. Still thinking of a actual method behind her weight gaining madness but im sure ill figure it out.

First things first you can barely call what your about to dowload a game, calling it barebones is a understatement, right now its pretty much just click a few times and get stuck with a bunch of option the end.

So you may be asking then why are you releasing this? The answer is BECAUSE I CAN. Well actual its because i want feedback. Im solo deving in a renpy(first ever game ive made with it) and i want feedback on weather you guys might like it. Proof of Concepting, so i want you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: to tell me if your picking up what im putting down.

Anyways enough blabbing, if you guys see the idea then tell me ur suggestion below. Were in the earliest of early alphas here folks so expect things to not be there at all that should be there…

Heres a ingame pic, not many to give.

and here the files for Windows/Linux: (OLD VERSION 0.0.1)
and mac:

Enjoy and before ya go hers a list of things im going to add/want to add.

  • Weight Gain Stages for Audrey
  • Location other than her house
  • Time/Days
  • Friends
  • School/College
  • Sound Effects for burps and stuff
  • Money System
  • Jobs
  • fattening other characters
  • Game changing items like cars, and feeding tubes
  • Suggestions?

Update 0.0.2:
With this update comes eating! Once you sleep for the first time youll gain access to your statistics and will be able to open them whevever. You will also gain acess to the ability to eat, with the fridge and pantry now free to use as you please. Ive also added bloating with causes fullness but can be removed via belly rubs. Now were getting into actual game territory.


Plans for next update:
Passive digestion
More ways to burn energy
Maybe a new location
MAybe more interactions with dad.

You guys also lmk if you want a patreon or something where i can post sneak peaks and give out early builds.


I play this little game and can say that it have potential to be like Fill Me Up but it’s a lot work to do. First question: It would be nice to know the backstory of the main character, why they live in a wooden house but with electricity in the middle of a field. I also saw images of a supermarket in the game files. I think this point needs to be explained. My proposal is to make it possible to move out of dad’s house, because for me personally it looks a little strange (I mean the future weight gain of the main character with her dad). The second proposal: make it possible to follow several paths like in Fill me up, that is, the path where only the main character gains weight (possibly with the help of friends or herself). The path where the main character gains weight with her friends. And the path where the main character does not gain weight but fattens her friend or friends. It is also necessary to indicate in the plot how the main character will come to this decision (perhaps she will be forced to eat, or she will just like it, or something else)


All I can so so far is I’m picking up what you are putting down.
However, what you are putting down will require a lot of work, not saying this to scare you off or anything like that, just more a warning.
My suggestion would be to actually focus on one aspect of what you want to see. For example, just work on the weight gain for Audrey and a way to view her stats and appearance first before looking at the other options.
Along with that would be drive behind the weight gain, what is making Audrey want to gain and who is helping/hindering her efforts. This could also be seen as the “story” of the game.
Next I would focus on having plenty of things for Audrey to do and interact with in the form of daily activites and other characters.
Personally I would avoid going for the “many paths” style of game until you have a base system down and set.
Look forward to seeing this develop.


I don’t know where to start, my experience on windows was terrible. First, if I clicked the “weight yourself” or “call a friend” , the game suddenly flashed to main menu. Second, if I chose “go to bed”, the image won’t load. Third, If Audrey is in the kitchen, there is an opetion called “Go out back,” I clicked it but I didn’t get out of kitchen, and I think it should spell like “get out”. Fourth, I couldn’t saw the statistics after the rundown. Last, when I choes “outsid” and ‘take a shower’, nothing happened too.(Hope you can understand what I’m talking about, because English is not my native language.)


I lowkey kinda forgot to flesh out her backstory but ill definatly cook one up eventually. The house is ment to be like rural country town with a small population, not just somewhere in a field. The supermarket and fast food images you found are right now are just there for storage, since i havent done anything out of the house yet. Yeah i did plan to maybe have the character move out of dads house having it mostly be like a tutorial/starter area kinda like in mmorpgs. instead of it being specific paths, im thinking more like filling up me roomates where you just do whatever that day, but more focused on self gaining then others.


Thanks for the warning, but dont worry while this isnt my rodeo ive done work in other game engines before so ive been through the nine yards.

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Dont worry i understand, ill be sure to fix those in 0.0.2. The statistics i just havent put the the open button in yet. Thats part of the reason i posted it to find things i missed.

One route I’d love to see is the big eater but little weight gain as a competitive eater. Ways to increase your capacity without ingesting a ton of calories

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ill be watching this one with interest

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I played 0.0.2, this time the game operated smoothly. But I have two questions. 1.How can I regain the apetite? 2. It seems now in 0.0.2 Audery can’t gain weight, isn’t it?

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Yeah its still early alpha so i havent added in weight gaining yet, and i believe the belly rubs option when your in her room should regain Apetite. Note i forgot to say this but for this to work you gotta exchange bloat for it, which isnt visible yet.

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