No more lurking

Hello everyone!

I’ve been lurking on the WG forums for ~2 years.
I love playing a lot of the games posted on the forums.
They also give me inspiration to make my own games, so that’s what I plan to do.

I wrote a short bio in my profile if you would like to read that.
I mainly like 2D games, so when I’m not at school or work, I learn and work on sprite art
and programming in GMS2 (GameMaker Studio).

I look forward to playing more community-created games and one day have my own game for people
to enjoy on here.


Welcome to the light! Can’t wait to see what you manage to make! (no pressure, lol). Btw, I saw that you’re using Aseprite and that you’re kind of a beginner. So if you need any pixel art feedback just hit me up and I’ll be glad to help!

ps, nice website


As a person who use to be in the Dark it kind of fun being in the light.

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