No ones using Scratch?

I’ve used scratch for a few years now, very on and off, made about two (VERY) basic games and a few (VERY) basic simulations, and I’m wondering why no one on this site has used it. Despite having pretty horrible optimisation, it’s a fairly versatile coding language that pretty much anyone can use, and would be a refreshing break from the ENORMOUS collection of rpgmaker games here, (not saying their bad, some of the best games here are made with it, my biggest problem with it is that it’s very limiting in what you can do with visuals).

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Probably because scratch is (as far as I can tell) an introductory language with some severe limitations, and is mostly used as a teaching tool.


Scratch is for teaching kids to program. Just pick up game maker it’s almost as easy

i haven’t seen anyone mention the obvious reason why no one is using scratch. like, it’s powerful if you know how to use it. just look at griffpatch.

it’s a kid website. you can’t upload nsfw stuff (even fetishes) or you’ll be banned. i don’t think there’s a way to get your projects downloaded or something without publishing them.

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i did to make a game but i lost intrest very quickly

Seconding what everyone else is saying; Scratch is just too simple and limited for much more than a basic toy, unless you’re some super-wizard, and if you’re THAT good, you probably should just use Game Maker or an actual coding language.

game maker is like
99 dollars though
bunch of money
scratch is free and you don’t have to learn exactly how to structure stuff in like c# or whatever

though like i said eariler you can’t make fetish games with it, or else i would’ve already

wait no sorry, i’m dumb

if you download the desktop client of scratch, i’m pretty sure there’s a way or a website somewhere that will convert your finished project file to html or exe or something

I made an inflation minigame during the inflatechan era in Scratch. It worked out alright but it sure got banned quickly.

yeah so, you can make fetish things with scratch thats what my last post is about
just never upload them to scratch specifically

And similar to what I said in my first post, it was just an inflation toy; an “expand” button you mash to make the character inflate.
Scratch isn’t made for full games, or even for games that are nearly complex enough to even be called a “game”, it’s just for minigames, toys, short stories, and people’s weird furry OC flipbooks.
It’s good for people to learn the general idea of programming, but that’s about it.

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This might be different now since it’s been a long time since I used scratch, but you can’t reference external data like save files in scratch, right?

I was never super deep into the coding in Scratch, but it seemed that way. Probably for security reasons, I guess.

Wdym? i remember like seeing some few WG games in literally the Scratch page where you press some buttons and food and boom you get fatter and fatter

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Man, you had a good time with scratch, all I ever found was 8 year olds making sans fights.

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I mean, you can find WG games in scratch if you try hard enough to write “weight gain” or “get fat”, also yeah i found a lot of Fat sonic games by simply searching “Fat sonic” in scratch.

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