Non fetish games where you can play as a fat girl

Nice find with Elyon. Currently I play “Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis” (already showed the old version of the game) and with the accessories system we can make pretty nice BBW example with a Gororon Girl (one of monster of the game I transformed into monster girl:


With PSO2 brought up, I feel I should mention you can make decent chubs (for a regular game) in Phantasy Star Universe/Portable:

psp1_s psp1_f
(Images from Portable 1, PSU and PSP1 have nearly the same character creator)

Portable 2 has a slightly bigger limit, I think? This idle pose is hard to tell with.

psp2_f psp2_b

(All of these I mentioned can be played with offline single player btw.)

On a somewhat different subject, the character creator for Dragon’s Dogma is brought up a lot in various places when playable fat girls in games are talked about, but does anyone even have any image examples?

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Dragon’s dogma has a character creator for both the main character you play as and a “pawn” that acts like a general follower for you. You can have up to 3 pawns total if I remember correctly. You can customize your pawn and the others are random or from other players online which you can pick up and store a certain amount of.

I would say the character creator does more strong fat looking characters then anything. The character creator has a torso, arms, and legs section where you can mix and match a total of 12 different sizes and shapes of each section (so total of 36 different choices). Along with a muscle slider and bust slider. Link provided below with some pictures of the different sizes of a couple different body types made.

Dragon’s Dogma pawn customization pics

Totally worth picking up as the game is good with a lot of time that can be sunk into it, and definitely not expensive on different platforms generally. I wouldn’t personally pick it up if you are just looking for fat characters to play as though.

I got some more playable fat chick, all of them are from fighting games this time

First, there’s Tsugumi from Battle Craze

There’s also Robo-Tsu from the same game that acts as a slightly different variant of the original Tsu.

I’m mostly including Robo-tsu cause I think this is the only playable fat robot chick in a non fetish game.

Next up is Miranda Hut from GUTS(I thought this game got pulled of of steam at some point but no, it just a pain in the ass to find.)

Lastly there’s Fat Princess from PlayStation All-Stars (I’m a little surprised no one’s mentioned her earlier All-Stars isn’t super obscure.)


Nice finds here! Those first two fighting games are definitely obscure, so I’m glad you were able to bring some attention to them

I have to agree with @Skinny_Guy. These are nice finds. I never heard of Battle Craze before, but I sure do now.

Even though Elyon’s publisher no longer maintains the game, if you’re interested, and allowed under this site’s rules, you can always ask me for the link to an Elyon private server in private.

Went through the list of enhancements to the steam version. They knew what they were doing.

Edit: It also seems that she gets bigger in chapter four from some of the preview comments of the studio on steam

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Also in the teaser trailer there’s this image-

There ARE a few hefty female characters in the mobile game Undead World.


Nice find! I just looked up the heroes on the website

Dug little more. Apparently she was always this big. The game designer ran out of money to make here this big


Wow with that sleep attire… Maybe the game designer is secretly one of us?

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Oh boy here I go necro posting.

Starting off with Piggy Sue from Go Go Hypergrind; A tony hawk clone that got made by Atlus.

Followed by Ribrianne from Dragonball Xenoverse 2, the 22nd DLC character for that game.

Next is Maggie from Maggie’s Apartment, a one room point and click game from Steam.

A bit of a weird one now, Cylostra Direfin from Total War Warhammer 2, she’s one of the legendary lords from the vampire coast DLC.

Lastly there’s every single one of Zed_Technician games; The Bit More Know Zero, The Man from the Window 1 and 2, Beware the Shadowcatcher, The Vermander Curse, Midnight Maid Night, Artifacts and Antiquity, No Strings Attached, and The Fish’s Tale. Every single one of these games has you play as a fat girl.
Here’s one of the characters from Shadowcatcher for example:


just want to add Street Fighter 6, you can do some nice body proportions with the avatar editor

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I just remembered: a number of 3D wrestling games (mainly the licensed WWF/WWE games) give you the option to make a fat female (with WWF Attitute literally having the options for “Female Overweight” and “Female Obese”, the latter resembling a genderbent Yokozuna). Heck, in WWF Attitute, you can practically make wrestlers named Cow Pattie and Thunder Thighs (the latter unavailable in the N64 version due to limited cart space), both of whom are body positive, using sample voice clips combined with two options for fat female bodies.

I made a bbw clown bunny girl. At some point, I hope to have an avatar of her in VRChat. Gonna take a LOOOOONG time because I don’t have the money to pay a pro to make a model. I can handle the VRChat side of it, but beyond making edits to VRoid models, that’s as far as my skill goes.

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Not all that fat (more just somewhat pudgy, I’d say) but the protagonist of Super Lesbian Animal RPG has a pretty cute tummy:


Another post, every one of these is a bit of a stretch in some way shape or form.

Starting off with 3D Dot Game Heroes, a Legend of Zelda clone that got made by FromSoft before they left Altus.

Normally the game doesn’t have any fat characters by default, but it does have a really free form character creator, so you can make a fat girl from scratch or edit one of the default options into one.
Here’s an example based on a character I got commissioned from Homemosaco. (Great artist BTW)

Only issue with doing this is that it take quite a bit of time, (this character took me like 5 hours to make total) EDIT: As it turns out there is actually a way to just not have your shield be visible on your character. While in the pause menu, if you input the Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left , Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle) you can turn your shield invisible until you input the code again. There’s also a code to remove the sway your character has while walking (L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, R1, Square).

Next is the female druid from Diablo 4.

I’m a bit unsure if she’s fat or barrel chested, so if she isn’t then just ignore this part of the post.

Also we have Princess Peach from Peach’s Adventure, a Super Mario World romhack that got made by BWGLite back in 2021.

Peach's Adventure

While the hack is really good, I don’t know if a romhack counts as a game.

Finally, we have Bahati, the Mike Hargar-esq grappler from Dancin Divas. It’s a side scrolling beat-em-up.


The game itself isn’t done yet but there is a demo available on steam. Also there is a bit of kink stuff in the game, mainly toon physics, but also some monster girls in there too.


Both the male and female druid have a strongfat vibe going on so, it seems like it fits.