Non-Kink Gameplay/Mechanics

I’ve been thinking of making my own weight-gain themed game for a short while. However, I want to try to make a game that’s both fun and replayable besides the fetish aspect, but can also interact with the fetish aspect meaningfully. So, I made this thread as a sort of open-forum for brainstorming good replayable games that can service gainers.

I’m currently thinking of a dating sim mixed with some kind of time-limited management game. For example: operating a farm, a-la Stardew Valley, that could grow fattening produce; managing and living in a small town, growing it’s infrastructure and possibly make it a gainer’s paradise; dungeon-delving to help protect and expand your home village and potentially its people.

Let me know what other ideas are out there.


Well there is those two runner games Amazon running Diet and Panic Diet, where both don’t focus on weight gain but on weight loss. Even with this both, at least to me, have pretty decent replay value along with the chubby forms being both cute and fun.

Eh, pretty much any genre can have WG slapped onto it:

  1. Dating sim: offer you the choice to pick a wider variety of foods/meals as your date likes you more. Have the added weight affect some jobs negatively and some positively.
  2. RPG: More weight = more HP/def, but lower spd, or maybe even lower magic stats. Alternate take: no health potions in the game, all healing is through food, try not to get TOO fat, or you’ll be too heavy to move.
  3. Kart racing: place food on the track (maybe even throw food at other drivers?) Heavier characters accelerate slower, but can shove other drivers MUCH easier. Maybe automatically lose the race if you WG into a blob?
  4. Shooter: Easy. Just shoot someone, they get fatter. Fatten them too big to move as your way to “defeat” them. Could make for a pretty good arena shooter. Multiplayer?
  5. Farming: basically what you said, but keep everyone’s belly capacity realistic, BUT pull a Harvest Moon and be able to collect special fruits that can raise capacities of whoever you give them to. Early in the game, stuffing/WG is realistic, but by the time you’re finished, everyone’s able to practically eat anything and everything, no problem. Maybe the story involves something about a fairy of fertility (the nature and growth kind, not explicitly pregnancy,) who thinks everyone’s not taking advantage of the countryside and will punish everyone if they don’t start enjoying the land and its bounties. The game’s goal is to get at least one person to a huge size to appease the fairy.
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The farming sim sort of game is already being made. I would recommend checking it out.

I am currently creating such a game. It is an interactive fiction dating sim that focuses on the romantic side of being in a relationship with a BBW, so one doesn’t HAVE to be into the fetish to enjoy the game, but it would certainly help.

I understand your search: I also wanted to find/create a game where the main focus wasn’t just on fetishes. As for original ideas that have WG elements but focused on another aspect I’d have to sit down and really think, but I am sure there are those out there. I tend to gravitate toward realism with this fetish, so I would always opt for a realistic game that has realistic WG elements in it. If you are looking to create your own game, hit me up in the DMs and I would be happy to assist you!

A good “gameplay loop” is key to a good game. Take a look at Animal Crossing. Every day you wake up to do your daily chores: hit rocks, dig fossils, talk to villagers, etc. Sometimes there will be something new to do, but most time spent wit AC will be doing your chores. That’s the loop. Most games have some kind of core gameplay loop. In a shooter game you’re entire experience could be summed up as “point gun at creature, shoot”. It’s what you do to spice that loop up that makes things interesting.

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