'Nother pixiv game

“Stuffed fighter”
Can someone translate or give a translating tool? thanks


Looking at the page, this person mostly makes written stories. Of course since it’s in another language that I can’t read I don’t know how good any of it is.

Tried running it through translator++. Translated file throws up an error so I’m not sure if it’s gonna be doable with my limited understanding.
Annotation 2020-08-22 234708

Also, from the readme in the files:
“This game is written in Japanese and some sentences are not suitable for translation.
Also, there is no change in the appearance of the character, and there is no numerical notation of the weight.
This game is an obesity-themed escape game, not a game to fatten you up.”

So there might not be much there anyway but I’ll keep trying.


So, I downloaded it, and attempted to play the second RPGproject file that was in there, I’m guessing they must have attempted to make an English version themselves, but I don’t have VL gothic font.

After a quick googling, I got it to work, so I’m going to attempt a second translation before I go to bed.
Since I’ve been up for over 24 hours now, and I should probably sleep.
Damn my JRPG habits…

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Yeah, can’t get it to work, I go sleep now, someone smarter handle this please.

Oh man, I’m skipping all the problems by having installed the last version of windows in japanese completely lol
For once this is helping I guess?
If its any consolation… I don’t know how to play the game at all to get a good ending D:

Would would you know which ending is good if you can’t read? :thinking:

Well, I’m making an attempt to contact the author over on Pixiv about these errors, hopefully I won’t be misunderstood through google translate.

Hi, I’m the author of this game.
Thank you for contacting me on pixiv.

To emphasize the fact that some of the characters in this game have a distinctive speaking style, I will say lines that are not correct as Japanese.
To use an analogy, it’s like mixing the alphabet with Greek characters.
This makes it unsuitable for translation, and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it.

There is no visual change, no translation, and the difficulty level is very high.
Since this game was originally made for me, we didn’t expect non-Japanese speakers to play it.

However, when we were releasing the game for testing, we noticed that people from outside of the Japanese speaking countries were playing it, so we wrote in English in the readme that it was difficult to translate the game.
We will not be updating the game as it is already completed.
I’m sorry that I didn’t meet your expectations.


Difficult… but not impossible. Thanks anyway for taking the time to tell us though.

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