NovelAI open beta (AI Dungeon competitor)

Some of you may be familiar with AI Dungeon, and some of the issues it’s had lately. You may be pleased to hear that a new AI writing site has just opened to the public!

NovelAI has been hotly anticipated for the last few months, and it just started accepting sign-ups and subscriptions. It doesn’t have free play like AI Dungeon, but it does claim to have a superior open-source AI model, as well as more privacy and security. They don’t seem to be planning on having an Explore feature quite like AID’s old system, and they’re expecting users to create their own means of sharing stories and scenarios, most likely to disclaim liability for anything that gets published.

NovelAI is available at
A NovelAI-compatible scenario sharing site is available, but I’ve removed the link since its users favor NSFW prompts with underage characters. The AI itself allows you to easily export .scenario files, though, so sharing here or elsewhere should be simple.


EDIT: Unfortunately, the devs and much of the userbase appear to be straight from /pol/. Stay away from the official Discord server unless you enjoy that kind of thing.


Heads up: unlike AI Dungeon this one is paid only. Subscritption model from $10/m.

I’ve been fiddling around with this on and off since release. I dropped enough (25 bucks!) to test the latest checkpoint of their finetuned instance of 6B GPT-J, seems pretty swell to me and it’s not even done tuning yet. i think it’s far and above AID in terms of user experience, customizability, descriptive language, and potential, but Sigurd v2 (the aforementioned checkpoint) is hardly Dragon / Davinci level in terms of raw intelligence and inference. Don’t expect it to handle tummy kink as well as you might’ve gotten those to. I recommend watching and waiting at this present junction unless you just can’t deal without a language model to toy with.