NovelAI open beta (AI Dungeon competitor)

Some of you may be familiar with AI Dungeon, and some of the issues it’s had lately. You may be pleased to hear that a new AI writing site has just opened to the public!

NovelAI has been hotly anticipated for the last few months, and it just started accepting sign-ups and subscriptions. It doesn’t have free play like AI Dungeon, but it does claim to have a superior open-source AI model, as well as more privacy and security. They don’t seem to be planning on having an Explore feature quite like AID’s old system, and they’re expecting users to create their own means of sharing stories and scenarios, most likely to disclaim liability for anything that gets published.

NovelAI is available at
A NovelAI-compatible scenario sharing site is available, but I’ve removed the link since its users favor NSFW prompts with underage characters. The AI itself allows you to easily export .scenario files, though, so sharing here or elsewhere should be simple.


EDIT: Unfortunately, the devs and much of the userbase appear to be straight from /pol/. Stay away from the official Discord server unless you enjoy that kind of thing. Racism, misogyny, and antisemitism are the norm and are tolerated and encouraged by staff.


Heads up: unlike AI Dungeon this one is paid only. Subscritption model from $10/m.

I’ve been fiddling around with this on and off since release. I dropped enough (25 bucks!) to test the latest checkpoint of their finetuned instance of 6B GPT-J, seems pretty swell to me and it’s not even done tuning yet. i think it’s far and above AID in terms of user experience, customizability, descriptive language, and potential, but Sigurd v2 (the aforementioned checkpoint) is hardly Dragon / Davinci level in terms of raw intelligence and inference. Don’t expect it to handle tummy kink as well as you might’ve gotten those to. I recommend watching and waiting at this present junction unless you just can’t deal without a language model to toy with.

NovelAI has incorporated custom AI modules into their system, and they’ve finished tweaking their GPT-J model.

The GPT-J model isn’t at all to the level of pre-filter AI Dungeon, but I have heard that, compared to the current AI Dungeon implementation, it’s not bad, and considerably less graphic and horrific.

The custom AI modules are really potentially awesome! This would allow us to build a weight-gain (and/or vore and/or inflation and/or stuffing and/or furry etc. etc.) model that could be selected by anyone that wanted to use it. Currently, only Opus tier users can train the model, and it’s not as simple as just copy and pasting stories – they have to be properly formatted, and they should also probably be properly edited as well. But, this could be at least a first step in getting a decent AI writing tool/text game for weight-gain stories up and running.

There’s also work being done to create a new model as powerful as GPT-3, but not controlled by OpenAI. It’s GPT-NeoX: GitHub - EleutherAI/gpt-neox: An implementation of model parallel GPT-3-like models on GPUs, based on the DeepSpeed library. Designed to be able to train models in the hundreds of billions of parameters or larger.


I can vouch for the new training module, it makes a world of difference, on top of their other updates. Even with just a quarter of the max training size, it started generating fairly coherent and focused stories with a lot less manual adjustment that NovelAI’s previous iterations. And that’s without me doing anything really to format it.

100% agree here. Its getting close to being a proper competitor.

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I’ve been experimenting with my own WG model based on around 9 MB of stories. The difference in quality is incredible, and not just in the weight-gain elements. The basic story elements are more cohesive and coherent, and the system just seems to be working better in general. It’s really fast to train, too. It took far longer to compile 9 MB of stories than it did for the system to complete the module.

I hate to conclude based on my limited testing that this is as good as the pre-filter AI Dungeon Dragon model, but it feels that way right now.

I’m especially impressed that the system is handling the six or seven characters I introduced into one of my stories without any real difficulty.

Could you please share this module? It sounds awesome! I’m going to fiddle around with ExtrudedSquared’s modules as well.
Big thank you to the both of you for experimenting.

I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I went ahead and deleted my post. I really enjoy your work but I clearly overstepped my boundaries when I made the training data.

I didn’t say you should’ve deleted your post or shouldn’t have used my scribbles in such a way.

I’m not some loony luddite. Asking first would’ve been nice, but it was me who put it out there for all to see, and it’s fair use if legal matters are considered. Monetary aspect… I don’t like the idea of someone profiting, albeit extremely indirectily, from my body of work, but again, it’s fair use.

In a way, it’s endearing, even. To have my work selected for AI training. When I started writing, all I got were handfuls of views and rare faves. Never thought this hobby of mine would take off in any shape or form.

My gripes with this situation are… existential, so to speak. But my gripes shouldn’t be your issue.

Sorry for rambling this long. I won’t push the subject further. If you want to train that AI on my stuff, just do it.

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So, does anyone have any custom modules to share? I’ve looked all over but I can’t for the life of me find any modules focused on weight gain.

I literally can’t do anything unless I sign up to pay.

There should be a trial tier that gives you about 50 inputs or so. After that, you do need to pay. This is different from AI Dungeon in nearly every aspect, right down to how it’s run and who it’s run by. It isn’t floating by on investor-bucks and a Special Deal with a preeminent ML firm. It’s a small business (with actual ML experts) that has to survive on its own merits.

On the upside, I already feel the two newest models have equaled or surpassed the experiences I had with Dragon. it’s really not that costly for a hobbyist and they aren’t going to hit you with any mobile game-esque “energy” crap like Latitude did.


It still has some jank, but the sheer amount of customization available to it, as well as the model training feature, modules, etc., makes it a better investment than AI Dungeon. AiD has been neutered to all hell and back due to (I guess) cutting ties with OpenAI, and now really isn’t worth the effort. AiD’s UI barely works and the output, as others have said, is on par at the best of times or much worse than NovelAI. NovelAI has a long way to go to get the ye olde AiD, since that was nearly magical, but its getting quite good. Better than that, their update schedule is insane, and have generally been updates that added rather than just consistently getting worse.

If you’re short on cash, I’d recommend still holding off for another year or so, but its very nearly there.


It’s a very well done AI story site, think of it like the next stage if you’re too frustrated or want more from AI dungeon


Just wondering if anyone had any advice on creating modules, I’ve made a few myself but I’m not sure how fine tuned they are.
I can also link to a few of the sites that I’ve found that offer some info on modules and novelai in general.

Anyways I’ve just been trying a few things out, if anyone is interested I could share a module or two I’ve tried training but they still only seem to do so much.
Here is another page that seems to be more up to date about Euterpe and Krake and how to use Author’s notes, and memory.

Mind if you could share one of the modules you mentioned?

Hm I wouldn’t mind but I’m not sure how I’d upload it, I’ve just never done anything like this before. Could I put it in a Zip folder and share it on this forum? (192.7 KB)
Does this work?

Here is my best Module I’ve made so far, some of the stories I had in the last module had some formatting things I had to change.
Large (194.2 KB)

Here’s a scenario I’m working on for NovelAI, it’s called Feeder Fantasy and it’s based on the Den of Sin scenario but focused on stuffing/wg rather than sex.
Like DoS, you’d be able to make and import character lorebook cards for it so that you could fatten basically any character. Hopefully it’ll be semi-compatible with DoS cards so you can just import one and modify it slightly.
If this gets enough attention, I might make a separate thread for sharing cards for it.

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Its pretty good so far, I feel like we need a entire category to Novel AI, or Just AI stuff in general, Especially now that Novelai’s new image generation came out, which can generate some quality smut btw :ok_hand: