NovelStudio : Visual Novel Engine (noCode, NoDrawing)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a project that’s not mine and could greatly assist those of you interested in game creation but lacking programming or graphic design skills. It’s called NovelStudio, a new visual novel editor set to be released soon.

Several videos showcasing the software’s diverse possibilities are already out, and I must admit, it looks incredibly intriguing. With a range of graphical assets available, like characters and backgrounds, even for those not artistically inclined, it’s a major plus. Moreover, importing one’s own assets is possible.

What’s great is the array of tools for scene creation. They appear intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no prior programming knowledge.

I’m certain this could interest many of you. If you’d like to learn more, here’s the website and YouTube channel associated with the project.
Youtube :
WebSite : NovelStudio - Visual Novel Engine (noCode noDrawing)
KoFi :


This looks cool and very useful, but I think the challenge will be that the base sprites won’t give many options for “larger” characters

I agree with you, it hasn’t been developed for that purpose. While there’s a possibility to distort the sprites, I don’t think it would work well for making characters ‘larger.’ However, I still believe it could serve as a solid sprite foundation that could be refined using another software and then re-imported into the program.

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that still requires programming knowledge, it doesn’t require text based coding knowledge. You still need to do the problem solving and logic for programming.