Obsolete post.

Hello there, I have recently made a fat oriented Space Station 13 server using the Hyperstation13 source code, for now, it does not have any special feature and it’s just for people who would like to roleplay and feed each other until someone cannot move anymore.
If you are interested in joining my server here is the BYOND address, please remember that you need to create a BYOND account first in order to play on the server, we do not accept guests accounts.


This is our “Little” discord server, feel free to join :smiley:


This seems neat. Any plans to later add some more “special” features?

I am thinking saboteur missions that, instead of being all “kill them all” is “raise the average weight stationwide by 100%” which could be fulfilled across every crewmember, or by a few VERY heavy ones.

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I would like a Discord server! And this also sounds great, I’ve always wanted to do WG RP in SS13 :3

Edit: My connection fails, so the server might be down? I tried running as admin and making an exception in my firewall too

someone explain to me how join?
I forgot.

Well I was planning on doing that but sadly I don’t know how to code.

Yeah sorry the server is down, I just added some stuff to the server.

Oh wait a sec I just noticed this is the old post, hehe. let me edit it.

There is a tutorial on how to join in our server.