OC Weight gain/feeding POV captions

When looking for captions, you gotta grasp for scraps scattered around all kind of forums and dead blogs, often with no or bad tagging systems.

I wanna add another forum to the list of places, though specifically for stuff that people on the forum did themselves.

Incase someone is unaware, a caption is just someone elses image paired with a short story. In this case, the theme would be POV captions about being fattened up. This can include a view of “your” belly or just text reference to it. Generally, these can be about any gender, but since people want to obviously insert themselves into POV captions, I would like it if some self-governed tag system was used.

Basically, write [Male sub] [Male feedee] and so on for the various roles, to allow for a quick search of what is there.

I will write some tags here as examples, if you come up with your own, be prepared to change the tag and I can add it to the list if it fits and is descriptive enough. This is all an experiment more than anything, so be also prepared for stuff to be a bit wonky at first.

Nested list of tags

[Male Sub]
[Male Dom]
[Male Feedee]
[Male Feeder]


[Female Sub]
[Female Dom]
[Female Feedee]
[Female Feeder]


[Misc Sub]
[Misc Dom]
[Misc Feedee]
[Misc Feeder]
(I am prepared to add variations here, but if it gets too much it may need to be split up into sub-categories and/or hidden in a collapsible to not just clog up the list with 50 variations of them. Also, if it does not matter in terms of text or image, just use whatever could possibly be inserted)

Feedee willingness

[Eager Feedee]
[Willing Feedee]
[Reluctant Feedee]
[Scared Feedee]
[Resisting Feedee]

Starting weight

[Thin starting weight]
[Medium size starting weight]
[Chubby starting weight]
[Fat starting weight]
[Obese starting weight]
[Immobile starting weight]
[Immense starting weight]
[Room size starting weight]
[House size starting weight]
[Yard size starting weight]
[Field size starting weight]
[Ridiculous starting weight]

Weight gain/food source

[Magic food]
[Scientific food]
[Normal food]

[Magic curse weight]
[Magic blessing weight]
[Scientific accident weight]
[Scientific advancement weight]

Again, this list of tags is likely never going to be final, but I think I have worked out how to make it easy to use. Just tell me if any categories are unclear. And remember, you are writing from the feedees perspective, and it has to be a caption that YOU made.
Other threads for other perspectives may be made if mods are fine with it.

Also, and this is mandatory if you are able to, provide a source for the images used.


Here is an example post with a caption I made for BBWchan once.

[Misc Sub] [Misc Feedee] [Female Dom] [Female Feeder] [Reluctant Feedee] [Scared Feedee] [Chubby starting weight] [Normal food] [Magic curse weight]

Misc tag is used here because I actually neglected to mention the feedees gender at any point, which is a lucky accident I guess. Magic curse applies, because it is likely to assume that the “contract” talked about is magic and thus her feeding you has a basis in that.
Because of the bargaining that is happening, I marked the feedee down as reluctant and scared.

Source for the satyr with the nice butt is synecdoche.


This is painfully true, every once in a while I dig through the captions threads on /trash/ 4chan to look for fat captains and it’s just impossible lol. Only being able to search desuarchive by words and not by a thread’s /name/ + also words is a pain too. Only way I could see that being solved (without just being a thread themed to a specific kink like this) is to have a crazy hash for each kink like [5336190] for fat, et cetera, so it’d only pick up posts from that thread with that code

I’d feel bad commenting without throwing something here, so here’s something else from that thread lol, source is random BBWchan user

[Misc Sub] [Misc Feedee] [Female Dom] [Female Feeder] [Thin starting weight] [Normal food]


The problem is that this seems like a violation of this rule, from the FAQ:

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission.

Plus I doubt “random BBWchan user” holds the rights to that image either…

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Damn, really? Synecdoche only seems to communicate in emoji or japanese, so I dont think I can expect that to work out.

Can you do me a favor and talk about it among staff or something? I think at least fair use would apply but I understand if you dont want to allow it here.