Offering Commissions and Art Assets

Hi, the name is Adev, and while I don’t have a game project (quite yet!), I would like to offer my assistance with art. Whether it be a game you need some banners or backdrops, or character art, or an RP server that you need references for, I’m here! Here’s an example from one of my commission posts.

Some examples of other art that doesn’t involve bigger characters, just to give you an idea of the sort of stuff I can do.


Here’s some examples of assets I’ve designed to go with games.

I have an art tag on tumblr and an entire art blog as well as an artstation, but I’d rather only give those out over PM. If you’re wanting to work on a project, I’d love to talk, if you’d rather just commission me for one of your characters, I’d be happy to talk about that as well.

Moved to Project Help Art/Animation as that is the best category for this topic.

Also, @tripledecker you may want to consider using a title lets the users know at a glance that you are offering services (either for free or through commission). Looking for art assets is just a little general. Also, you may want to consider applying for the artist group.

Thank you for the help and feedback! I tried to find the right place for my topic, but did not look hard enough apparently! When I’m back on the computer I’ll edit my topic title with your advice in mind.