Offering Services for RPGMaker (MV/X/Ace) Portrait art

I said this on my twitter, but I do commissions for sprite work, but since I know that a lot of people don’t have a lot of money now-a-days, I’m at least offering RPGMaker face portraits.

Minimum I ask is 20 dollars for 4 portraits (although, that depends on the complexity of the character in question) and 5 dollars for each additional portrait after that.
Examples of work:


If you have questions or are interested, please let me know and send me a private message. This will be a Slot based commission set up, and I’m doing three slots at a time so I don’t overwork myself.

Slot 1: Open

Slot 2: Open

Slot 3: Open


I suppose I should mention that so long as you get me the dimensions for whatever program you need, this applies to that stuff as well.

Just give me the details for what you need.

If you got questions, feel free to ask here.