Official Game Announcement and Shameless Self Promotion!

Hey everyone! I am here to announce Hungry Slime RPG! Yes its another RPG maker game, but with monster girls! Work is underway on the game but at this point it is hard to make an estimation on a timeframe for it. All I can say is I’m working on it when I can lol. Hungry Slime RPG will involve weight gain, stuffing, and vore. There are 6 recruitable monster girls planned(so far), and if you have any that you’d like to see in the game then let us know. And consider donating to our ko-fi. It would really be appreciated and help get the art for the game here faster. Speaking of, here are some portraits for the titular Hungry Slime!









I hope you love her as much as I do, and a thank you to the artist who has been helping with all of this.


She’s a cutie, will like to see what she looks like with a bit more “meat”.

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(20 character limit filler)

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You have any twitter or anything to track the progress? Love the artstyle!

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We will be posting updates on our ko-fi page, but don’t worry the updates will all be made public.

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Time for me to say
Great interest
and hope that a fox sneaks her way into the roster.


Mayhaps they will… Only time will tell…

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Well, the smallish cross section between slime girls and bellies are always great

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Small is a relative term in this case

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psst hey, we got some new sprites to show ya guys

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