Okui: A Beat em up, Eat em up (vore themed platformer with ninja frog ladies

So, you may know that I made a topic about an expansion dungeon game I wanted to make.
Well forget about it. I’ve had a much better, much more doable idea for an expansion roguelike

It’s a 2D platformer where you play as a bunch thicc ninja frog ladies, who must navigate a tower that’s constantly changing, and defeat the wicked Trickster.
In the game, all the rooms’ layouts are predetermined, but the order they come in is random. You’ll fight lots of enemies, grab a bunch of weapons, and get BIG. And like any roguelike, dying boots you back to square 1.

I tweaked the mechanics from the dungeon game to make them work better. You have 2 attacks. You can swing your current weapon which just kills enemies. There’s a healthy variety of ninja based weapons, like nunchuks, shurikens, and katanas. Or you can tongue whip them. You can use your tongue move to damage enemies and swallow them at low health. Swallow enough enemies, and you’ll gain a level, raising your max HP and bloating up. The game’s still development, but it’s getting made quick! We can’t make any promises aside from it WILL be finished!
Itch.io page Okui: A Beat em up and Eat em up (Demo Stage) by BellyBelting

EDIT: We have surmassed enough manpower to make this happen, though we still enjoy every bit of support! We WILL make this happen!


Is it going to be pixel art based or like regular digital drawing based?

Idealy digital. But it might come to pixel art if we can’t get it to work. Why do you ask?

Because I might want in. In the latest game jam, I was actually working on a metroidvaniaish game, but I never got to finish it, and I really want there to be an actual good inflation/weight gain game and not a lame visual story or an RPG, and as they say, if you want something done right do it yourself. I’m asking because maybe if you are in need of help I guess I can lend a hand.
I have more expertise in pixel art but I am learning digital drawing, and it is easier than I thought, so I might provide good help in any of those, and in animation, I am still working on it, but I am getting there

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Holy crap, you have no idea how much I actually needed that! Literally not even 10 minutes ago I lost all the sprites I had made(computer crashed while saving).

Yes! Please and thank you! Welcome aboard! You got a Discord?

Even though I doubt the legitimacy of your story (if it’s not I feel you man… I feel you :disappointed:), I will join you. I will send you my disc thru private message

all I heard is something something “Writer” Something something “lore”. Literature is something I can do.

Oh, and no offense, but I could care less about the wg aspects of this game. I actually only came to this website because of how much easier it is to find good free games.


Yes! Thank you! Seriously, thank you! I’m really happy that you wanna help!
Here’s my friend code

I might be able to help out here too. Mostly the enemy/character sprites. Maybe particles? And lore I can definitely do. My schedule might be a little wonky though, but I’ll try when I can.

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Dude, that would be just great. Send me your discord so we can get to it!

Also, little confused on your easonings for helping, but appreciated regardless

YES, please and thank you!!! That would be helpful!

Send me your discord if you got one

Oh fuck yeah! A vore Ninja Platformer with weight gain(Rather than just unbirth absorption)!? I approve wholeheartedly!

Wha? But… yeah the games are free, but they’re weight gain based… ugh, head hurts… :dizzy_face:

I could be able to help with that, i’m fairly decent at writing comedy, along with horror. Story? Maybe.

I really hope this game comes to fruition, always loved rogue-like games especially indie ones like Rogue Legacy which had some rogue like elements too it. Good luck and don’t give up!

Hello, one of the main devs here.
I’m not sure if we need a writer right now (we already have 2), but we can talk about it in Discord, if you’d like.

would there be a greninja option because that would be neat

Probably not(?) They’re already like frog ninjas



I’m getting excited!