Okui Movement Demo 2 (Feedback Edition)

Hello, I am the coder.

And here is movement demo 2 (feedback edition)

Make sure you read the post before playing to see what has changed.

Demo: Movement Demo 2 (Feedback Edition) - Okui: A Beat em up and Eat em up (Demo Stage) by BellyBelting


Cool stuff. Was worried that you might have decreased the time until you come off the wall when holding away too much, but it still feels good. Plenty of time to jump. Only thing I think that’s worth mentioning in terms of issues not already pointed out in the notes is that the ledge wobble is a bit off. You can actually fully stand farther into the ledge and the animation won’t play. For example:

But that’s really minor. Just like the fact that moving up on walls doesn’t have an animation yet, this is just a matter of tweaking where the animation activates and some minor feel things.

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Yeah, I pointed out the wobble thing to Crystal. I think It’s fixed now on the newest but unpublished version

nice game~ definitively would play full version

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Whenever you jump from a wall, you move a little faster. This seems to be an intended gameplay function, but it’s not telegraphed very clearly, I think there should be a little blur or somthing after you jump to make it clear this action is making you move faster.


Cool, really good job on the movement in this demo, it feels a loss less jank. I only hope that the streamlining of it isn’t at odds with the “feel” you’re going for with the character. I found it much easier to navigate all of the sections and it felt much more intuitive.

With the wobble animation, it will play regardless of which direction the character is facing.

One side effect of the regular speed increase is the ability to use the superjump to make this shortcut work:

While probably unintended, in regards level design, I think this is really neat because it keeps in the bonk-type jump difficulty you wanted from the first demo (if you don’t wait for the coyote time you bonk and immediately start falling, so you land short on the block) while having it be optional since the “recovery” path is just the normal route. I don’t know how much you can design with this idea in mind, but I always enjoy when there are techniques you can use to solve simple challenges in a novel way.

Edit: Was able to get it first try in a loop, although a couple other spots are slow:

Second Video


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that is part of the plan it is just not added yet

I was aware that the new speed broke that jump.

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The move remmember me from ninja gaiden i really like it.

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Hmm, I wasn’t able to break that section with the normal jump height, since I would barely come up short with a normal max height jump without wall jump speed. I guess I don’t doubt that it could be done with better timing, though. The way I was able to get up there was by using the weird jump that gives extra height by inputting jump the frame before (or on?) you land, it’s about half a tile higher.

Also, it wasn’t mentioned but this new demo fixed the character jitter at high framerates :+1:

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buffered jumps do give a slight height increase.
i did forget to mention that but idk if it did because my monitors refresh is only 60.

It feels really good to me. The only real suggestion I have is, since this feels like a very momentum- based game, maybe you could have a sort of attack that slightly increases momentum in the middle of a jump?

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we are going to add a dash

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I’ve enjoyed the movement demo a fair amount, curious to see how this project evolves and I’m very hyped to hear a dash will be implemented, good luck to the team with the development!