Old Hippinite/SolitaryScribbles/SolitaryScribs Games?

Since SolitaryScribs began uploading short biographies of his current OCs, I began having fond memories of a few Flash games he made on his first account, Hippinite, like Fatty Free Fall and a Halloween-themed game where you had to play as a little girl and collect candies to force-feed her older sister with, with a ranking system for the latter game.

My, how far we’ve come since SolitaryScribs’s beginnings…

But anyway, does anyone have an archive of these games and more that can be played via emulators like Ruffle, etc.?


I think I have a stash of old Hippinite art and flash games on my old computer. I’ll see if I can upload it tomorrow

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Thanks. Hope you have either MEGA or Google Drive.

Uploading 624 files to my drive at the moment, most of it is art, but there are some flash games in it

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Here’s the link

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Thanks for this! I still remember Minchoip, that was one of my favorites from them.

Thank You. I’ll search to find the Flash games he made, but I’ve got to warn you: Google Chrome will tell you that .swf files are dangerous.

EDIT: Stupid Ruffle not supporting Hippinite’s old games… :angry:

You should be able to play them with Adobe’s own flash projector right on the desktop: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html

Edit: hey it’s me from the future. At some point adobe took this page down so it is no longer available from their website. The internet archive still has this file available for download, I’m pretty sure it’s the same one: Adobe Flash Player Projector : Adobe : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Thank you! You’re a life-saver!

I would’ve added Oktoberfeast’s endings here, but the spoilers won’t blur for me…

I hope Adobe never takes that page down, it comes in handy far too often.

Amen. I hope SolitaryScribs one day remakes all those old games on his Itch account. I’d try to type the name of the site, but it turns into a link to it.