OMFG Twine, Why?

Okay, so I’ve jumped onto a different game and I’m attempting to make it with Twine. Except every attempt fails and attempts to use video tutorials are just driving me up the wall and making my head hurt.

In as simple terms as possible, can anyone explain to me how to:

Create a text box for people to put their name down as.

Maje a series of checkboxes on a page where a player can only pick one from each row.

These are what I need most right now, but I’ll almost definitely have more later.


I’m not experienced with Twine, but these pages look like they might help.

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I know I had a problem finding radio buttons before (ended up making my own which is a little janky, but working). The links that @cocoacaesar are helpful for Twine 1, but the links I provide below are usable and solutions to Harlowe that I’ve tried/looked into, perhaps they can help if you’re using Harlowe. If you still have trouble I can provide my solution to radio buttons/check boxes if you’d like.

Text Input

Radio Buttons