On RPGs: Fattening Mobs/Creatures

Back again with a new one of these! It’s been so long

So, this is a site where we like seeing our main/side characters getting fat, right? Well, there’s got to be some way your being puts on the pounds. Now there are other ways, such as a few good meals, but who doesn’t love it when someone or something goes out of their way to fatten up your character?

Now these creatures can come in many different varieties: plants, animals, even shapeless blobs with the soul purpose of feeding itself to you. These will usually serve as antagonists or basic enemies in your game, though things can be changed to add variety to your world and depending on your world might determine how unique they are and what you might go with.

In a simple game set up in a fantasy setting, just the usual slime and fattening vine might do, but the further you develop your world, the more life you might want to add to it. Original creatures with a unique reason and purpose that people might not have heard before make the space more intruiging to the player and add new mysteries or curiosities the player might want to figure out.

I’m trying to develop a world myself, and while it might be difficult to think of crazy unique mobs, I have found myself looking for a real creature and giving them a different purpose, something the antagonists can use for their benefit. For example, one of my creatures is a spider. It lives in more mountainous regions as well as lively cave systems or dungeons. It’s about half the size of the average human, and feeds on insects or large animals that accidentally cross its path. Though, when it encounters a more intelligent being, such as an elf or dragoness, something clicks, and instead of feasting on them, the spider feeds them with leftovers as they lay caught in its web, unless they can escape.

If you had to make a unique fattening mob for your world, what would they look like and what would they do? Are they humanoid, plantlike, or something else? Would they feed their victim with something they produce or with another substance? Where would they live and what could they be called by the locals? What genre would they best fit in?


Well there is this yokai (kind of a japanese ghost/fairy/monster thingy) that doesn’t have it’s own physical or spiritual manifestation, but it’s more of a super natural disease, and it’s called Nebutori. The disease makes it so women will gain massive amounts of weight in their sleep, so it’s less of a mob and more of a debuff/buff that you would have to worry about!

And when I was reading about the Nebutori, I also ran into another yokai phenomenom called Futakuchi, this is a curse that will turn a woman into a yokai. The woman, now yokai, still looks like a normal human after the curse, but at the back of their head they will have grown a second mouth. The mouth will demand the woman to feed it, lest it will cause pain to the host, it can also use the woman’s hair as appendages to feed itself (which I imagine would cause the host to gain a lot of weight, since the little parasitic bastard eats twice as much as the woman normally does!).

Now these things wouldn’t work as a traditional monster battle, but more as events that the character could stumble upon, and the player would have to deal with the consequences of contracting these yokai diseases/curses. Of course, nothing stops you from modifying them to work with accordingly to what you’d like, like changing the fact that they only affect women and such.


you mean 二口女(ふたくちおんな) right? Filia in “Skull Girl” just like that, she already had a lot of fan art about Samson eating and Filia be fattening.


So it’s almost like a parasite that requires the host to eat more than usual, right? That is honestly a really good one.

And the first one is basically a virus that would make you fat? That would make for an interesting mechanic I’m sure.

I think I’ve seen a few pictures of them before

二口女 is essentially the curse of starving babies. But even if the original host is killed, the curse will seek for next target until someone offered food to the baby’s remains.
At the same time, curses often parasitize females who sympathize with these babies. These females tend to indulge the second mouth because of sympathy.

One idea I batted around for a while is kind of like a more humanoid version of your spider monster. They would own a motel or something along those lines and would subtly try to fatten up the player character as much as possible before trying to eat them (I’m not really into vore, but it gives the game some stakes). Not really a mob, since they would probably be the main antagonist of whatever game they’d be in (though they might have some minions/staff helping them out). There would be a snowstorm or some other plot device to stop the PC frim just noping out the moment they suspect something. Originally I planned on using this idea for a text adventure game but it might be more suited to Choose-your-own-adventure book or, if I ever git gud at art, a visual novel. I could see it running into the common problem of the player character’s goal of escaping conflicting with the fact that most players would want them to get fatter, but I think that could be solved by having the character just be greedy and having the challenge be to balance getting as much food as you can get whilst getting out alive.

A sillier idea I had was a game where you play as a famous chef or food critic and the mobs are just overly-eager younger chefs who want you to sample their food and hear your opinion. The first genre that came to mind for this was a twin-stick shooter with a bunch of nonlethal weapons like tomatoes you can throw and a rolled up news paper for melee attacks. You would have to outlast a timer on each level, take on a certain number of waves, or it could be an endless survival game where you shoot for a high score. One issue with this would be that getting fatter and slower would natural make the game harder over time, which might make it a pain to balance. The solutions I can come up with off the top of my head are to either a) just be really generous with how many hits the playercan take or b) give the player extra abilities as they gain to make up for the loss of mobility, like maybe a shockwave attack.


Also, I just remembered that this thread specified RPGs. Whoops :sweat_smile:.


Ooh! Fun. I love world building and good on you for wanting to expand on the RPG scene :smiley:

What about…a plant that isn’t sentient, but has a self-destructive problem where it’s fruits grow too large to be supported properly and snap the plant in two eventually. So, instead of evolving smaller fruits, they evolved more delicious and sweet, plump clusters of attractive berries that are irresistible to anything that can eat them. The plant relies on animals to eat the fruit in order to keep growing. Maybe characters stumble across a grove of said plants and can’t stop eating! Plus, since they’re so sugary, the side effect could be extreme fullness and a bit of weight gain too.