On the Threshold of Gluttony (Very Beginning WIP)

Putting this here to help motivate myself to put more down on…paper? DIGITAL PAPER! Anywho, On the Threshold will be a something of CYOA with a bit more linearity starting out, and slowly fleshing out as time passes. I do intend to try and keep both sides of the scale, between male and female, moderately balanced, but I do prefer female content meself. Also, as far as preferences go, this IS going to be predominately furry content, with MAYbe non-furry later added as content on a side branch er something.

Well, moreso about the project itself; namely, it’s beginning characters. Your fine but fairly…selective menu will consist of Felicity on the female side. She is a very flirtatious fox with many tails and a deviously playful side as wide as I hope to make her at some point. She is also fairly buxom as well, and most of the content for her path in terms of focus will moreso be based on stuffing, weight gain, and breast expansion through weight gain, with spiraling out of control into gluttony being more of the major theme. As it sits, I do have a few other ideas I would like to add to her path, but her path isn’t terribly far along at the moment, so that’s for down the road.

On the Mansquad, you will have Sable; a black furred femcatboi of a slightly aged vintage who will struggle with his masculinity, and soon turn to eating as an “Apex predator” would, resulting in his inevitable gains, but not of the sort he would like. This will center predominately around more of the stuff etc. as above, but will more so have a theme of humiliation, moderate teasing, and self exploration . Expect moderately passible things from ya boi (if that’s what you’re into).

Gunna chip away at adding more, but figured I’d get just a sampler out to see what people’s opinions are for content and direction to a margin.

Very Beginning Build: 156.8 KB folder on MEGA
(I swear the link should work this time)


Very base blocks released. No real content to speak of for the time being, but figure I can get some initial impressions. Especially on our boy Sable. He’s kinda coming together in my head as a bit of a character for him being brand new as of this particular work.


A lot of description, which is nice, but makes me wonder how limiting our choices will be. Like, will it just be a series of choosing path ‘A’ or ‘B’ then at specific points it tallies up which choices you made to influence maybe a more specific ‘A’ and ‘B’ situation?

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