On the topic of thin beauty (Survey)

I was doing some thinking while, and I came to the conclusion that I, as an FA for most of my life, can also admire women who fit the “normal” thin standard of beauty. And whilst I do believe that many women look their best with a large, heavy body, I’ve come to realize that there are many women who are just naturally more suited to being thin, and are at their most beautiful with a leaner frame. So what I’m hoping to learn about is whether this fair community of ours thinks a thin person can be attractive, just as a “normal” person may find a BBW attractive on occasion.

  • Yes, thin is the ideal body type I look for in a partner.
  • Yes, thin can be beautiful, but it is not my ideal body type in a partner.
  • Ambivalent, I find equal amounts of beauty in both thin and overweight partners.
  • No, I am only interested in overweight partners. I can not find beauty in thin body types.

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Please answer honestly, there is no shame in having personal preferences in what you find or do not find beautiful!

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Also, what are your thoughts about thin body’s and beauty? Please do share your opinions

My ‘ideal beauty’ would kinda be a middle ground. Probably what most would call “pleasantly plump”. There just has to be at least some curves there for me.

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I answered the “thin can be beautiful” option, but there’s a caveat to that, in my opinion. I prefer a girl to have curves regardless. Preferably a well-endowed bust.

That’s my hot take, and, of course, my own personal taste.

And I’m also wholly unsurprised how few votes “thin is the ideal body type” has gotten on a fat fetish forum. :yum:


I do really only find heavier women attractive, but I will still support them if they want to lose weight


I know my opinion won’t be very popular but it’s my opinion. I chose thin is my ideal, but I also like “thicc” girls (sorry for the wording, it was the best I could think of for trying to convey what I mean). I do find bbw and ssbbw girls attractive I just really wouldn’t want to date one.

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I have a pretty wide range of tastes in other women…
However, mutual gaining would just drive me wild >// v//<

While I prefer SSBBWs when it comes to the furry community I don’t mind a thinner figure, so long as it is not pencil thin with barely any substance to it

I’m assuming thin represents normal/average size here too? I think I consider proportions more rather than weight generally.

but from the angle of the kink/fetish the most enjoyable part is the temporary distension that comes from overeating/bloating/whatever, imo that aspect is more visible and enjoyable when they are at a lower weight. Gaining is also more interesting if the starting point is lower.

Some do look better, and honestly some just look healthier and happier thinner. When things get to the point where it looks like someone is suffering in their own body, I can’t stand it, and sometimes it hurts to realize that some people get their enjoyments off of those specific people.

Anyways, I think some people are just built a little better to hold a few extra pounds where others are built to hold less


Yeah, that’s pretty much the sentiment I have. Big, healthy, and happy is much more beautiful then sickly and melancholy


Oh boy the thoughts I have on this subject.

I think I definitely fall in the ambivalent category, partly because weight gain and BBW stuff is something I enjoy as a fantasy. In real life though it’s not something I can get behind for enjoyment as much. If you like to be chubby or more and you know about the risks, that’s fine and I’m not going to judge you for it though.

That being said I think most of my ambivalence is because I’m ace and don’t have quite the same reaction to physical attraction as others do. >.>

(And if you’re confused about how I can be ace and have this kink, don’t worry, I’m just as confused as you are :stuck_out_tongue: )


IRL I prefer a bigger bodies for man and woman, fat enough to be almost obese or starting to be obese (I would like them bigger if there wasn’t complications or diseases) For a woman, I prefer a figure that is like… when a woman get pregnant, they tend to fatten up and end overweigth/almost obese, but it is wider figure, on all the body (I don’t know if I explain myself, because is something that I usually see here on Mexico, idk if there is something in all the world) but I also find beauty on thin women and men, I just prefer them big. I find more attractive the body of a deity of fertility and abudance over a deity of beuty.
For a partner, I think the body is a plus, because if you choose the person that is going to spend the rest of your life with you because it’s beautiful/sexy instead of because you enjoy how she/he is, well, the humans usually lose their beuty as they get older.

Though I absolutely adore fat and dream about having a fat partner every day, I could never be with a fat woman. Why? Well, the reality of being overweight is that it is really, really, really, really, really, REALLY bad for the human body. Sure, my dick loves fat, but my conscience doesn’t. Fat isn’t good for anyone, and society would be better off if no one was overweight. BBWs satisfy me sexually, but I would never pursue them since it almost always implies a life of either heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, or breathing problems.

So even if I find BBWs to be sexier than thin women, thin women are as beautiful as BBWs (to me) given that they don’t suffer under their own weight.

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I can appreciate a man or woman as good-looking at pretty much any weight but (slightly TMI ahead) the only thing that really gets me going is if either me or my partner is at least a little round and soft. I sometimes find tall and/or muscular girls hot in a similar way, but fat girls win pretty much every time :laughing:

Very fat people don’t really do anything for me. I’m into the process, the dynamism of the body gaining fat. So generally, I’m only into seeing guys that have recently gained weight, ex-jock types for example. If they’re fat, but not so fat that I can’t visualize the thin/fit person they were before then I find them appealing. Honestly, I’m sure I could find an extremely fat dude appealing also, but only if I knew him before he gained so much weight.

So ideally, I think I prefer thin/fit guys, because they have potential. Edit: More potential weight for me to enjoy watching them gain, I mean. I realize that might’ve come across as rude.

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