On Writing: Descriptions- There's More to Butts than Size!

Disclaimer: I am unsure where this should go. This isn’t Game Design exactly help, unless the game it might help involves designing visible characters. Instead, it’s to help people on better describing and bringing a stronger mental image to their fictional (or nonfictional) character! (Including but not limited to: Side characters, Lead roles, and the victim with the fattening tush). I suppose it might be technically for game design, as characters (especially their bodies in this case) are important to someone’s interest in a game? Anyways, on to the topic!
Disclaimer 2: This is about female backsides in particular

Characters in weight gain stories tend to have a lot of changes occurring with their bodies. Though some differences and unique traits may get lost in translation in some tales, many story tellers and artists still recognize some differences in the sizes of each key body part, helping develop their rotund apples and chunky pears. Oftentimes what gets forgotten the most is… the uniqueness of each part! Even with variety in size, they tend to start being described in the same way (Cheeks the size of basketballs, tree-trunk thighs, melon breasts), aside from dimplage and stretch marks.
Something that can help visually set a character better apart suddenly becomes the same as everyone else’s, and even though still good, it can get repetitive. Thanks to our bone structure, muscles, and fat, a lot can be described, this time the shape of the shapely posterior!

Butts in fattening stories tend to go from nonexistant, small, or round and just get rounder as the pounds pile on. They become shelves or two extra globes of fat when a lot more can be said about them.

The posterior is, aside from fat distribution, the result of the shape and placement of our hips. How wide it is can make for a naturally bigger backside while where it sits can affect other things. Paired with other weight related things, this can change its shape, and might also affect how it looks when it puts on a few more.

This has some good references and is where I first found this: Different Butt Shapes – And How to Determine Which One You Have

Generally, there are four basic types of shapes: H, O, A, and V.

H is also known as the square. It’s defined by its much flatter appearance on the sides of the hips. This makes the area look more square like, but that doesn’t mean the round isn’t there, it’s just more concealed to the back. This shape might be used on a character who has greater emphasis on other parts, even if the backside stills softens up a bit along the way. It might also be useful for a wide, flat hipped female with a big butt just emphasized in the back.

Next is O, or circle for shape. This one holds your more standard rounded backsides. Almost perfectly circular from top to bottom, forming two soft orbs of flesh. These tend to be what many standard descriptions might lead to the reader imagining.

A is up next, or a heart. Much like the O, this bottom tends to be a bit more rounded than its counterpart, but it has its differences. for one, the perfect rotundness is lost as, like an upside down heart, each outer edge tapers outwards until it reaches nearer the bottom and curving back inward. This makes the butt continue to widen until reaching the bottom. In the pictures found in the link, it also seems to appear to create a greater crease between the backside and thigh. Though these backsides can be helped to emphasize your pear shapes, it could also be used for characters with a little less in the trunk.

V will be defined after I get some rest…

How do I use this information on butts?

Well, don’t just take my descriptions, as I may not be 100% accurate, but if you want to further make a more unique character body, look up each type. Describe what you see, find words that might be more fitting. Imagine them, and then imagine what it might be in real life. This will not only help your writing, but it might make that gain just a bit more unique! Using real life for references might make for an incredibly useful source.

So, which do you prefer?

  • The Square
  • The Round
  • The Heart
  • The V

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Square is just a heart shaped butt with wider hip bones.

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That is one way to see them for sure. Or square is just heart with a lower poly count

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